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iPad mini To buy or not to buy?, that is the question

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Matt606, Feb 22, 2013.

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    so im currently able to get 20% off an iPad mini, what do people think? shall i take the plunge and get it, then sell and buy the 2nd gen when it comes out for the retina screen. the other option of course is that i could also just wait for the 2nd gen and not bother with the current mini.

    with 20% off the price of the 32gb comes down to GDP £279 ($426 USD) from £349 ($533.83 USD) .

    Also Black or white :D
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    Do you really need to use one ? are you confident the new one will come out with retina and sell the old one with at least 80% of what you pay for ?
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    well there no certainty, but im pretty sure theyre gonna have to. As to do i need one, well no one really needs one, but i have uses for it.
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    Yes! haha
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    F it mate and just buy it - October is a long way off yet. Buy, enjoy then re sell at a bit of a loss. Think of it as a 'lease' period for the next 8 months :D


    PS can you get me 20% off ;D
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    lol yer sounds a good plan, after all the loss i would make would be minimal after considering the 20% reduction already. if ur in the Uk and know someone who either works at john lewis or sainsburys they can usually get good discounts from time to time
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    It helps to have plenty of money when one decides to become an Apple customer. Resale or not, it's going to cost to bring home that Apple Logo :)
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    I got the iPad 4 the other day. If they bring out a new one in a few months I could always sell this one and get the new. All in all, don't wait around!
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    I'm waiting for the retina.
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    I'm wanting a retina too. But if it's till September/October ill buy it now and sell to upgrade later.
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    Enjoy it now if you are waiting for the ultimate mini it could be a long time!
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    lol thats is very true, anyway i ordered it, 20% off u can really argue and if the new one does come out in a few months i wont have really lost any money on it at all
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    Are we becoming obsessed with the mechanism of delivery of content rather than the content itself?
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    Rule of thumb, if the current item doesn't meet your wants..wait for the next one. (Capacity, lack of retina, etc.)

    If the current one meets your needs then by all means get it.
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    Don't purchase a non retina device and take a trip in Apple's time machine back to the old age :p

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