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To iMac G4 800MHZ Owners

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by cornelius, Apr 6, 2002.

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    I have a question. How many cd's(software,not the blank media ones) did your computer brought? Mine only brought 12.
    -apple hardware test
    -iMac applications
    -iMac software restore1 through 6
    -Mac os 9 install
    -Mac os 10 install
    -World Book Media CD (disk 2)
    -----I already contacted mu reseller about the World Book disk 1, my computer didn't brought it, dont know what happened there.
    -----But my biggest problem is, that since i partitioned my HD, i had to reinstall the OS's.ok everything went perfect,but today when i went to burn my first dvd, i didnt had the iDVD application. I searched every cd that i had, i couldnt find it. Was it suppose to come on a different cd? or, Is it supposed to be on one of the cd's that i have? or maybe one that im missing?
    Cuz i searched every cd and no luck. any ideas? Did anyone else had this same problem? Who should i contact? Cuz, i contacted my dealer (JandR) about the worldbook cd and they said they were going to fix it,but it's been a few weeks now,and i havent received my disk 1.
    Thanks for your time everyone.
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    No one

    no one has had this problem now or before??
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    iDVD does not come included on your Mac OS X install cd which you probably used to reinstall your software. The only way to get at it is to either then get it off of the Applications CD that you have, (which I doubt has it) or run the system restore cd's. (1-6) It sucks, but thems the breaks.

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    My sister's iMac 800 came with:
    Restore discs 1 - 6
    Mac OS 9 install
    Mac OS X install
    Mac OS X Applications

    That's it. Consider yourself lucky you got World Book disc 2, we didn't get either!

    AFAIK, we don't get the disks for every single application that comes with the iMac because they are pre-installed on the machine. If you want to partition your HD, (like I you and I did) you have to use the restore CDs on your OS X partition, then delete the OS 9 stuff on your X partition (assuming you are partitioning to separate 9 and X). Or you could just copy the OS 9 stuff over to your 9 partition and not have to worry about installing it.

    Once you've done that, it's a good idea to copy your applications folder (9 and X) to a DVD, or burn selected apps on a CD.

    If you're really smart, you do that before you repartition your HD, so you can then just use the OS X install disc, then copy the apps you need over.

    It's the same with all of Apple's new machines. It's not a real user-friendly way of doing things, but then again, people who are repartitioning their HDs aren't really your average user...
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    Yes, like the poster above said, it's on the software disks 1-6 somewhere. I have a dual gig and my wife has the 800 iMac so I just burned iDVD onto a dvd for her, it was pretty big. Best think is try and get it from someone.
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    I friend of mine got the new iMac with only OSX, just one CD!

    Why South America is the technological trashcan of the world?
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    cornelius, that is one of the reasons NOT to partition your drive. It can be a real b*tch trying to get all the software installed again.

    In my experience (over many years) partitioning hard drives is a thing of the past. Even in the past, it was only really forced upon the peecee people. For some reason (which I fail to see of understand) some posters seem to think that partitioning up your Mac drive actually does some good. While it might for them, 95% of the rest of us don't need that.
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    hehehe.... 95% of the 5%.... i find that funny and ironic... i guess i need sleep
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    Sounds like you need some sleep kishba. I just didn't want to say most or all, since some still think that the paritioning is a necessary item. All the techs that I know (MAC tech's, as well as peecee ones) are of the same thoughts when it comes to partitioning. Don't do it. ALL of the current operating systems have no need for it. They ALL can address the hard drives properly, and you WILL NOT gain any space from it. Use the HFS extended formatting scheme on any additional hard drives (drives inside Mac systems come that way) and that is the smallest block size that you will ever get. Of course, if you set it up with one partition for all your software, and you don't factor everything in, you will have to either spill over to another partition, or wipe your ENTIRE computer in order to do it up different (i.e. ROYAL pain in the a$$).

    K.I.S.S... Keep It Simple Stimpy....
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    I wish we had something like Partition Magic for the Mac. It's a PC app that lets you dynamically resize partitions.
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    ****,this sucks. i dont want to reformat my computer again. i have all of my data here. ****,this is bad.it should come on a separate cd. how about the cd problems,should i contact apple,about the worldbook cd? but hey thanks to all,guess i learned somethin new
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    Burn all your data to DVD. Unless you've already filled your HD...

    Then do a restore, put your data back on, and burn the Apps to CD so you have them if you ever need them again.

    I make it sound easy, don't I? :D
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    6 restore CDs???!!! O_O what do they have on there? my G4 only has one restore CD.....course that was back in the days of 9.0.4........

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