To the men who carry their iPads everywhere, photo's hopefully >

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by entatlrg, Mar 10, 2011.

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    How and what do you carry your iPad in?

    - naked

    - case, skin, or cover

    - small shoulder bag

    - backpack

    - messenger bag

    * If using a bag or case please note what kind, photo's or links to your bag/case are WELCOME :)

    Currently I'm using a leather backpack by Piel, super soft, easy to clean, it's a smaller size, will fit a 13" MBP max, so it's great for my iPad and the other gear I often carry, MacBook Air, few files, chargers, usb stick, small paper notebook ... instead of loading my pockets with stuff I carry most of it less my iPhone in the front pocket of the bag works perfect.

    see it here >

    What do you use? Did I mention photo's/links are WELCOME :)
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    I have my iPad in a Portenzo iPad Notebook, until tomorrow, that is :D. Starting tomorrow, my Mom will carry her iPad in a Portenzo iPad Notebook and I'll be using my iPad 2 naked, carried in a Case Logic Sleeve, at least for a while.
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    I use the STM Scout for iPad in the Olive color.

    I really like the bag and have had it for approximately 7 months. It shows no signs of wear and tear and still looks like new. A traveling mishap rendered my strap for the bag stolen (TSA lol) and I called up STM, which proceeded to send me a brand new strap for free. Great company.

    I also had on the Belkin Clear Grip Vue, which I will definitely be repurchasing for my iPad 2.
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    I have either a brown original Vaja Case iPad Agenda or a black Agenda 2 for my iPad protection and then a grey Bottega Veneta men's messenger bag.
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    Jul 15, 2010
    I got an Acase, and I carry my iPad around all the time in it. I can't stand the iPad naked, so I grabbed something that holds it securely while looking good. I'm glad I did, because my case has a few bumps and bruises that I would hate to see on the iPad instead.

    Now I have to find something similar for the iPad 2. The only thing I don't care for on the Acase is that it doesn't stay in it's adjustable stand positions very well. Especially if I'm trying to play games and interacting with it. So I may try something like ZooGue next time around. Only problem there is that I hate the sound of velcro.
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    Dec 15, 2010

    I'm always surprised that there aren't more bag suggestions.
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    If you take the time to do a search you will find a couple of huge long threads on this very topic. SEARCH.
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    Thank you, but I don't need anyone to Police my threads.

    You'll notice this thread asked for photo's by users (men) who carry their iPad everywhere ... so it's a little more specific than the other threads I found by search.

    Hopefully you'll let me off with a warning and I'll be sure to search more thoroughly in the future. 'Cix Pix' were you stressed by the redundancy of thread, the bandwidth or ?

    Instead contributing to a post you're more interested in the policing the forum. That's special, thank you.
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