To Try, Essay, Attempt, Something Completely Different or Totally New

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Scepticalscribe, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Today, (and yesterday) I tried out something new, and by so doing, did something I had never done in my life, and thus, experienced something enchantingly new. And, you know, it is an utter delight to do something totally new, refreshingly spontaneous (for this was unplanned) and enchantingly different to what I normally do. Most unexpected of all was the simple thrill of pure pleasure and sheer fun we had.

    And so, I was introduced to the art and craft of of trying to fly a kite, the balance of handling the spindle, the challenge of getting it airborne, assessing differences of taut and slack string and adjusting accordingly, and the skill (quite beyond me) of steering it, once aloft, where you wish it to go, sometimes aided and abetted by a fortunate puff of wind.

    So, apart from sharing the sheer delight the simple pleasure of learning to fly a kite gave me with the forum, the other main purpose of starting this thread is to ask people to share what new experiences they have had, or fresh activities they have engaged in, or taken up, or interests they have discovered which may have given them some unalloyed pleasure.

    What have you done - or tripped over, or tried out - recently, that was/is totally new in your life, perhaps unexpectedly, which gave you some enjoyment? The kind of thing that makes you realise that there are wonderful discoveries and experiences yet to be made, or which makes you give private thanks for the privilege of enjoying the pleasures of being alive and able to laugh while having fun and learning something new?
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    Jan 24, 2012
    Next step: paragliding!

    Lovely thread, a bit off topic but I started to draw and paint again three days ago; and noticed how dearly I have missed that.
    Even more off topic: I was forced to, rather unfortunately, sort out all of my own belongings in my mama's apartment since she moved. Mostly my school stuff which brought back an incredible amount of memories. And now back on topic: precious memories (actions, thoughts as well as feelings) about many things that were completely new to me at those days. :eek:
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    Well, the sheer joy of freshly rediscovering a remembered delight, or interest, or hobby, is not at all off topic....
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    dabbling in

    raw food uncooking. It was so much fun to whip up a main course and dessert in the Vita*Mix for mom and myself. She loved it.
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    I took up photography this year. I've not really had a hobby for many years due to work and family commitments. We had a bad spell of weather recently and I didn't get out for a few weeks. I started to really notice how much I missed it. In a relatively short period of time it has become something I look forward to and often find myself looking at the sky and imagining the composition as I drive along.
    Expensive hobby though. Looking for another lens to go along with my kit lens.

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