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Tomorrow we send my wife's iBookG3 to AppleCare....

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by xsedrinam, Jul 27, 2005.

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    ...for the third time, with the same logic board malfunction which is common knowledge with this model. Anyone know of a more efficient way to go about it other than:
    1-call AppleCare at the 1-800 number
    2-describe problem and request box to be sent to us.
    3-wait for box to come, pack and resent to Apple at the drop sight
    4-Hope they replace the logic board, repair the CD tray and use some better resin that what's reportedly caused the older logic board failure?
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    Wait until you have to do it 3 times, raise a little hell on the phone and get a brand new G4 ibook.
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    I could readily go for your second and third points. Customer loyalty and reward seem to be a wanning practice. Thanks for spending a comment on us.
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    My aunt's 2 year old iBook G3 w/Applecare last week had a logic board failure for the 4th time. My aunt complained loud enuff this time around and now Apple's going to send a new laptop (one of the ones released just yesterday!).
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    Ooooo. Nice upgrade!

    Hehe, if someone didn't know that they would just replace it, I can see the call:
    "Hey, AppleCare? My iBook is SOO much faster now! What did you do to it?"

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    I can only sympathize i'm afraid. My G4 iBook went back to Apple yesterday because of a problem with the screen that they didn't fix the last time that it went back. The first time I had it repaired (they replaced the logic board) I had to deliver and collect it myself because they weren't running the collection program then.....that was a 200 mile round trip! It has the same problem but only worse so I wasted my time and petrol that first time. I'll kick up a fuss big time if they don't correct the problem this time around.
  7. weg
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    Here in Austria the manufacturer gets 2 chances to fix the problem. If the same problem occurs a 3rd time, you can demand that they give you your money back (if the product is still under warranty, of course).
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    Wow...makes me wish I had gotten AppleCare on my rev a PB when I bought it 2 years ago. Can you imagine going from a 867mhz PB to a 1.5ghz PB!!

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