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TomTom Special Media Event on September 22nd?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 10, 2009.

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    "Brightsite", the Twitter account of Dutch site Bright.nl, reports that TomTom has sent out a brief invitation to a special media event scheduled for September 22nd. iPhoneclub.nl reprints [Google translation] the text of the invitation in its entirety:
    While no mention of the much-anticipated TomTom for iPhone hardware/software solution is made in the invitation, speculation is unsurprisingly touching on the introduction of the company's iPhone offerings as a possible topic for the event.

    Article Link: TomTom Special Media Event on September 22nd?
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    I hope the keynote isn't three and a half hours! :)
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    "the future of navigation"

    Big claim. Don't let us down.
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    Too Late!!

    Tom Tom is too late. I just ordered a stand-a-lone Tom Tom 4.3" for $145.00. Why pay for an untested app, extra mount that can't be used unless my iPHone is naked, etc. Plus, I get free map updates.
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    what a drag...i hate waiting :mad:

    just release the dang thing already!!!
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    Bought Navigon. Am happy. Screw Sept 22.
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    I think a lot of people that were holding out for tom tom just decided to buy another "proven" iPhone app. You snooz you lose tt.
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    22nd. That's a long time, lol. Gosh.
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    Last day of summer, I wonder if they'll release something or just say we didn't make it in time?
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    Same day as Apple's keynote possibly? :rolleyes:

    iPod touch 3rd gen, tablet, snow leopard etc.....:eek::D
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    Note to self....download Navigon tonight. TomTom is a day late and $69 short. :cool:

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    Snooze it is!!

    "Over promise and under deliver" . . . . often the bane of our connected world.
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    wake me up when we get there.......Right now I have a whole alot of I really don't care since it's over a month and a half away.......

    They lost all their excitement when they didn't release it within a week of OS 3.0.
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    They are late to the party, so let's hope they come in with a big splash.
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    Like watching paint dry. Of course this will be after Navigon raises their prices (if they've not done so already).
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    Wow that is late summer :rolleyes:
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    No offense, but a company that takes THIS long to produce a product doesnt deserve my business. Imagine how long it will take them to pump out a software update... Jesus...
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    Yeah screw that. I have been waiting since the tomtom app was announced but the wait is getting ridiculous. I will wait till the 14th before the Navigon app goes full price to buy the TomTom app.
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    +1 Come on, Tom Tom. You've been making standalones for how long now? I realize that doesn't necessarily equate to an overnight iPhone app, but DAMN! All the hard work was done a long time ago.
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    Agreed. That is a big statement.
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    I'm still getting the app but I can't blame any of you for giving up on TomTom.

    I'm still hoping Garmin crashes the iPhone GPS party next. :D
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    Fools - it won't be "proven" until after it has been released and tested

    Unfortunately for them, they are diving into a dried-up pool.

    1) Current apps (e.g. Navigon) working great on iPhone
    2) Wow - a mount...that you can only use without a case...brilliant
    3) Who doesn't already have a charger in the car?
    4) ? costly

    UNLESS this is the iPhone of iPhone navigation apps, Tom Tom will never regain market share it lost by being late to the party.
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    Maybe they'll have it right when it releases.
    People are saying Navigon over G-MAP, but I don't have the problems with G-Map that I'm reading with Navigon.

    It could possible benefit Tom Tom in the long run if their price is competitive, and most all of the Reviews are positive.
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    I'm really pissed off with TomTom on this whole iPhone thing. How can they announce their GPS product then be beaten by 4 other competitors to the app store. Do they have mentally handicapped people running their business strategy division? They must understand how much business they have lost because of this absurdity.

    They should have just released the app already despite whether the mount was ready or not. They are ****ing retarded.
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    Definitely LATE to the dance; my iPhone doesn't need a load of expensive crap to make it look like some Tom Tom Navigation box. I'll just get the real thing and hope it doesn't get ripped-off from my car.....:eek::eek::eek:

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