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Tons Of New Hardware Today!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mstecker, Jul 16, 2004.

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    I came into my office today to find:

    - My new 2x2Ghz G5 (which I was hoping to be a 2x2.5. Cheapskate company I work for :))
    - A new 23" Alu Cinema Display
    - An Airport Express

    It's Christmas in July!

    Amazingly, it was such a difficult day at work that I didn't get a chance to crack open the G5 (I can't believe it myself), but I couldn't resist opening the new Cinema Display. It was replacing an older 22" Cinema Display. At first, it seemed to be much smaller - but that was just an optical illusion caused by the bezel size on the older ACD. The new display is just amazing - bright, beautiful, and simple.

    I also couldn't resist setting up the Airport Express in a co-workers office, and connecting it to their PC speakers without their knowledge. Promptly at the crack of five, I switched the little toggle on iTunes from "My Computer" to "Airport Express", and gave them a loud dose of "Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich".

    Good times, these are.

    I can't wait to unbox the G5, so I'm going to go into the office tomorrow to set it up. My only quandry is whether to put the CPU on my desk (it is beautiful, or hide it alongside of my desk. Decisions, decisions.

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    Very jealous! :D

    Congrats man, that thing must be a BEAST! Have fun (and fold!!)
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    YOU GOT YOUR DUAL 2.5???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did you order it from?


    Info please! :eek:
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    A co-worker of mine moonlights at the Apple Store.

    Actually, "moonlighting" is probably the wrong word. The guy sold his old company for more than seven figures a few years back. He works there part-time just to be around the Apple stuff. How cool is that?
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    Um, it only took me three clicks to find out which Apple Store is in your vicinity and that you are a Mission of Burma fan (two clicks).

    Let us know if the thing leaks.
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    Very, very nice setup, be sure to enjoy it especially as I can't even get hold of my pre-order airport express! And the G5 has to go on your desk it just looks too good next to the new cinema display, just be sure to have a big desk and don't put it perfectly straight I don't like head on angles :)

    Congrats and enjoy
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    I have that song. Worst song on iTunes. I wish I could see the expression of their face. LOL.
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    That's very cool.

    Now we have confirmation that the 2.5s are actually shipping! Thanks. :)
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    I won't believe it until I see pictures.
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    :D No need to worry about that. They ship with a roll of "Red Green" duct tape. :D
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    Told you I didn't open the box ...

    Went into the office early today to find that the shiny new G5 box on my floor was in fact a "lowly" :) 2.0, not a 2.5 (I did say that I didn't get a chance to even open it). My work 2.5 is still "on order", and I'll hand mine down when it arrives.

    My home 2.5 is on order with a 30" and a new nVidia card, so I don't expect it until the last day of August (although they did ship my AppleCare package already).

    Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. I had seen the front page article about 2.5s shipping, and assumed that was what triggered the arrival of my G5.

    Oh, the shame. It's not in my nature to be a rumor monger.

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    Well, I can't let you know about the thing leaking (see my previous post), but Mission of Burma does really rock.

    Also I was probably being a bit dramatic about having my friend remain nameless. It's not like he'd cut one out of the "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL XX/XX/XX" bin, it's just that he asked them to put one aside for him, which happens all of the time.

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    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! :eek: Sh*t man, what do you do!?! I'm so jealous!
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    Mostly, I spend my hard earned money on computer toys, while normal people would be saving up for a bigger house :)
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    Boy, ain't that the truth! I'm going on my 3rd G5! :eek:
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    Please post some XBENCH results!!!! Lucky you!!!

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