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Top Bike, stunt bike racing game

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by bryanhsu, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I`d like to introduce our new game "Top Bike" to u.


    Top Bike – A stunt bike racing game. Drive the bike through the tracks as fast as you can to get rewards. Rotate 360 degrees to get more coins. Get more rewards to earn more coins. Unlock bikes in shop.

    How to play:
    * Press left screen to break
    * Press right screen to go
    * Tilt the device to control the bikes

    * Extremely fast and addictive gameplay
    * 30 levels with more to come
    * 10 bikes with more to come
    * Game Center support
    * Rotate 360 degrees to get more coins
    * Universal (support all iOS devices)
    * Support iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad mini.

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    Top Bike, stunt bike racing game

    Hi Thanks for sharing this wonderful game. I have a great addiction of bike and car games. I have recently played

    • Bike Baron

    • Bike Race Pro

    • Zombies Vs Biker

    • StreetBike : Full Blast

    • Highway Rider
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    Just FREE for a limited time

    Get it now.
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    1.10 released, please upgrade it.

    With new motorbike style and new icon.

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