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Topic -- Fortnightly Challenge -- April 16 thru April 29

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JohnMC, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Sorry Everyone...
    Time got away from me this weekend, and I never got this thread posted. But starting now, turn your "eyes" or stand on a soapbox "height" [sorry it's late], and suggest our next topic.

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    Designer Dale

    How about a general topic with the emphasis on C&C?


    smorgasbord |ˈsmôrgəsˌbôrd|

    • figurative a wide range of something; a variety : the Challenge is a smorgasbord of different subjects and styles.

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    Sounds like an interesting challenge - I'm in. Like the word too.
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    Don't think I've ever passed up a smorgasbord in my life ... sounds good to me!
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    50mm challenge??

    How about this for a challenge; everyone take photos with the same focal length. We could decide what that should be based on feedback during the topic discussion. Probably something in the "normal" range like 35mm or 50mm to include most people who only have kit lenses. The idea is to act like it's a prime lens, and try to see things differently than just pointing and "zooming."

    I'd be happy to suggest 50mm as a start... :)
  6. gnd
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    50mm sounds like a great challenge. We would have to specify the field of view though:
    - 50mm on full frame and 35mm for crop
    - 75mm on full frame and 50mm on crop
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    I just got a 50mm lens last month. =)

    The only problem is it might limit a lot of people from participating.
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    Designer Dale

    This is for discussion only and isn't a vote for the topic.

    I don't have a prime. My kit lens is 18-55. I can't set 50mm on any of my other lenses (28-75 Tammy, 28-300 Tammy and 100mm Canon macro L) with reasonable accuracy. If you are proposing shooting at 50, it would have to be a range like 50-55 on a crop body.

    The Challenge has always been on an artistic theme and I don't know if a technically limited topic would draw a lot of attention.

    Since I proposed the competing topic, I may be a bit biased here...

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    Dale, if we did something like the focal length challenge, it would not be a juried contest, just a way of expressing creativity within certain limits--in the spirit of a challenge. The accuracy of setting a zoom to 50mm would not be the point, but rather the idea. Heck, if it were a 17-55 or 18-55mm lens, setting it to the long end (55mm) would be in the ballpark. Nobody is going to worry about someone 'cheating' since it's just a challenge, which should be fun, not restricting. Well, in the sense that limiting the focal length might actually open up a different part of our 'seeing.'

    Anyway, the idea wasn't to get stuck on technical stuff, but rather to see what we could come up with while limiting ourselves to a common focal length, one which would be available to most everyone. When we get zooming out of our head, it forces us to change the way we frame, and approach a shot.

    Anyway, it was just an idea... like when I take a 50mm prime, or a 300mm prime out as my only lens for the day. It forces me to experiment a bit more. But, I'm cool with whatever you guys come up with... :)
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    I like this idea, it gets my vote.
    I agree doesn't need to be a prime, fixing of the focal length is the idea for the challenge, not the lens :).
    I think 50mm's a good length to start off with, most people on Film and many with digital will have one of these
    (who can make use of shallow dof they offer if they wish), if not the majority of people have the kit lens.

    Perhaps the next few challenges could be a mini series type thing ... 28mm, 50mm, 70mm, 135mm etc.? Just a thought.
    If your lens can't match the challenge focal length, just use the zoom/prime you have that can get closest to it (within reason :))

    For all the purists out there, fair enough :) but it might be a bit too restrictive,
    I reckon 50mm on crop or FF ... same same really for simplicity sake.
    Keeping the guidelines more open will hopefully incline more people to participate. Just my thoughts anyway.
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    I like the "50mm challenge". I've been struggling with mine in non portrait type situations. I agree that if you a have a 50mm prime (FF or DX) then maybe you try to stick with that lens. If not then just try to keep it around 50mm on the lens you have. Should produce similar results possibly without the DOF you can get off a 50mm prime.

    If folks also posted what lens they used at 50mm it could be good beta for comparisons.
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    50 challenge

    Sounds like an interesting challenge, hopefully though I wouldn't get excommunicated for trying out a 58mm Voightlander I just picked up. ;)
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    Designer Dale

    ^ I'm just complaining because my 17-55 is a really bad lens. I took it to get the body. Most of my shots seem to be on the short end of my 28-75 f2.8.

    ^ For this to work for the majority, it has to be just what the lens says. I know that 55 on my XSi is ~80mm, but I don't want the math to mess things up.

    I have light out there, I have to go now...:)

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    What 17-55 do you have? Everything I've heard about the Canon version has been great. Or are you referring to the 18-55 kit lens? Oh, nevermind, I just went back and read your previous post...

    We could also have a second topic for those who don't want to do the 50mm challenge... kind of like last time. Smorgasbord...?? Although that doesn't seem to suggest anything other than whatever hits one's fancy at the moment... but I can see having an "open" challenge where the focus is on C&C rather than topic.
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    Designer Dale

    Phil: Yes, it's the 18-55 f 3.5-5.6...

    I never really paid a lot of attention to the outside of my lenses. Too busy looking through them. My Tamron 28-75 2.8 has a clearly marked 50mm line, so I could use that one. The good thing about 50mm primes is the wide aperture and shallow DOF. My film Nikon had a 50mm 1.2, sharp. I can't go below 2.8 on the Tammy. Sounds thin, but at 50 it isn't that shallow.

    I'm a little disappointed at the turnout for the discussion thread. Only two topics suggested so far with one day to go. 50mm will most probably be the topic. Since it is hardware based, the visual content will be open.

    I would like to see suggestions on a title. "Nifty Fifty" won't do. People with zoom lenses only need to understand that they can set that focal length on the outside of the lens.

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    deep diver

    I like both of these ideas and I do not think they conflict. Confining this to prime lens ranges is its own challenge and the subject matter is the Smorgasbord. I think saying "prime" removes any issue with exact focal length and format. As I recall, after all, the point is to have fun, learn, and be challenged all at the same time.

    My vote: both.
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    I like the idea of a fixed focal length. And if it's a complete failure (ie, no one participates), at least we tried something new!

    But here are some more suggestions I've been thinking of:
    • Reflection (Literal or Thought)
    • Last hour of sun (shots taken within 1 hour of sunset, but not of a sunset)
    • Hidden Messages
    • Monument (Famous monuments in your city or town)
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    deep diver

    "Reflection" was a POTW topic some time ago. I'm not sure that matters but I offer ir as information. I like the others as well. I still think we can combine Phil's idea with any other topic.

    If we go with hidden messages -- if we look at a photo backwards will it say "Paul is dead"? :D:D:D
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    I had been thinking about the city one as well. Just wish i lived in a different city, lol. :rolleyes:

    POTW? Photo of the week?
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    deep diver

    Yes. Photo of the Week. I hear LV has lots of monuments.... Surely you can find something to shoot. :D:D:D
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    Designer Dale

    This is where we stand at this point.

    Smorgasbord +++

    50mm ++++++


    Last Hour of Sun++

    Hidden Messages


    "Shoot <selected topic> at 50mm" should keep all happy.

    My vote goes to Last Hour of Sun.

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    I'm not sure if I can vote for one of my own suggestions, but if so, I choose "Last Hour of Sun" too.
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    Designer Dale

    ^ There is nothing against this. If you post a list like you did, sure, vote for one. If you propose only one like I did, it isn't an automatic choice. I edited my post to add your vote.

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    I will also cast a vote for the golden hour--last hour of sun. It lends itself to some luminous images... ;)

    BTW: Dale, when I use my 17-55 f/2.8 wide open at 50-55mm, it does a nice job of subject separation/depth of field. In fact, it's so good that I really have little need for my nifty-fifty, other than it's light and small... the bokeh on my 17-55 is far nicer than the nifty-fifty if there are any sharp edges in the out of focus area, or highlights. You might find the 28-75 is better than you think, if you test it out.

    Can I withdraw my vote for the 50mm restriction? Of course, the golden hour restricts me too, to two hours a day for shooting, and I'm usually sleeping during one, and it's either overcast or I'm drunk the other one... ;)
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    Last hour of sun sounds good. I'll vote for that as well.

    (already voted for 50mm, meaning I'll vote for last hour of sun at 50mm :p)

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