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Toronto, Ontario - EATON'S CENTER

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by icy-macpro, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Alrighty then... Who's Going to be there?
    & at What timee?

    This Is going to be Off The HOOK!

    & I got a question...

    Does anyone know if I purchase an iMac on that day, will I recieve a Free T-Shirt? Cuz its supposed to include leopard right? Can someone verify that for me?

    Haha & Bring your unlocked iPhones!
    We'll Show them Off to The apple Employees & Costumers =)
    *phone call* OMG AN IPHONE! =P
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    I don't know if Apple Stores in Canada will participate in the t-shirt giveaway, but I called my AppleStore (Laval, Quebec (Canada)).
    They said that there would be a Leopard event, that the store would close between 4 and 6 pm on friday, but they did not know at this time about the T-shirts
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    The stores in Canada will be giving away t-shirts too. It is posted on the apple canada site somewhere.

    You will most likely get a copy of Leopard as a throw in when you pick up your iMac.

    I am planning to go around 4. I already have it pre-ordered but want to go and check it out anyways :)
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    hope i get a good spot in line, i work until 4:30 but its just down the street :) the umm big color changing builing, lol, i think something is wrong with my building its stuck in blue.
    anyone wanna meet at a specific place?
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    LOL!!! hehe couldn't figure out what building is it.

    Anyway, I will be in line prolly around 4:30.
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    The line can't be THAT long. I mean, how many hardcore Apple enthusiasts are there in Toronto willing to stand in line to get Leopard?

    I bet there'll be plenty of supply of the new OS. Are the t-shirts really worth standing in line for 3 hours?

    I'll be there just before six :p
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    There are those who really want to be First in Line for everything. Not me though.

    Edit: well...
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    heh, I just downloaded the last candidate for leopard and im installing it now....

    so far everything looks just like it did in the intro video on apple's site!

    might still check out the festivities anyways!

    and of course... bring my iPhone ($270, brand new!!! ebay :D)
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    T-shirts are given to the first 500 people who walk in the door after reopening @ 6pm. No purchase necessary.
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    I'll be there in Apple Store Eaton Centre. I'm planning to be there around 2:30. I know it might sound crazy... but i'm just so exciting about getting a copy of Leopoard.

    Can someone kind enough to let me play a bit with their iPhone? I so want to get one, but still kind of waiting!!!

    Is 2:30 hardcore enough?

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    Ill Be There

    ill get my t-shirt no matter what ;)
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    I'll be there today! ;). I'm coming at around 12. ;P
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    haha you can see it from the corner of yonge and queen....i dont the the yonge st address but its the same building as 74 Victoria. heh i work for the feds and im trying to get the tech in the building to give me a mac to use stuck on windows all day :( at least my cube its covered in apple stuff. i switched out the dell monitor and keyobard/mice for an apple display/keyboard/mouse :)

    hmm maybe ill leave work early to line up hahaha
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    Sorry guys, I won't be there cause the Purolator guy just showed up at my door with Leopard! It's 10:15 am, and the Apple website still says this thing is a few hours away. Wow, I feel special!
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    Eric Lewis

    as of 11am..there is 10 people in line already

    and as of 11am there is 4 at yorkdale

    (i called each store)
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    I was first in line at Eaton centre, and I got there around 2:30. I stepped up to the railing across from the store entrance around 3:15, and just stood there. The line started forming behind me around 3:30.

    Don't know where those 11am people went!
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    Hello the person in front of me ;).

    I was number 2! Came at around 4 or so.

    We had a few fun moments.

    People asked us a few times, what was this line for, some of us said:
    Going out of business sale
    Fire sale
    iPhone release (LOL, a few people bought this one ;P. They went giddy).
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    Yeah - I had about 40-50 people ask me what was going on, I guess I was one of the more convenient people to ask at the time.

    Sounds like you had fun with the dude who couldn't string together a sentence without saying f*ck five times. Yahoo for limited vocabularies. He was wrong about that movie though - it was 'the sixth day' that had a scene filmed at eaton centre with the cloning pet shop in place of the disney store.
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    I thought Sixth Day was filmed in Vancouver? or was it the defunct Eaton's of Vancouver? :confused:

    Got Leopard, my Tshirt, iPT and Logic Studio upgrade!
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    Well, I do my best to be engaging with different types of personalities. But yes, it was really intense talking to that dude.

    I'm curious about this movie now ;).

    And thanks for being so nice and -rather quiet-, that man next to me had quite a lot to say, I'm not sure how to handle anymore conversations!
    I wish we talked more though, you seem to be far more interesting than the other dude ;P. Anyone carrying a G7/9 must be taken seriously ;).

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