Toshiba 256GB SSD XBench

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Desmo1098, Jul 21, 2011.

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    How much difference is NCQ going to make with the Toshiba not having it? What practical use would it have for Adobe CS5 and what is NCQ really aimed at?

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    "theSeb" posted results for his 256GB Samsung, about 11% faster:

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    To give you an idea/comparison, this is how the 120GB Mercury Pro Extreme SSD in my Mac Pro tested:

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    Here is how the 256GB Toshiba SSD in my 13" 2010 "Extreme" MBA tested:


    As you can see, your 312.01 on the 2011 is quite better than the 235.70 on the 2010
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    I wish I had a Samsung - I like their products and I know I am being retentative about it but if I paid the same and didn't get the NCQ and better speeds I guess I have the right to be bothered. I am curious what format interface is the SSD's that Apple are using called? We will see aftermarket besides OWC?
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    They are the same Blade-style SSDs as the previous generation. The chipset uses a SATA III (6Gbit/sec) controller but the SSD connects at a SATA II (3Gbit/sec) link is a SATA II Blade SSD, but the MacBook Air apparently supports SATA III, which is significantly faster. I would not be surprised if we see some 3rd party SATA III SSD upgrade solutions in the future for the 2011 MacBook Air.
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    To answer your original question, NCQ can speed up some disk tasks as it allows the controller to handle more tasks simultaneously. I had the Toshiba in my Rev D and while it lacked NCQ, it still seemed pretty fast.

    I have the Samsung drive in my Rev E and am getting similar results to the others.

    View attachment XBench Disk Rev E.pdf
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    Guys you won't feel the difference.
    This is just numbers without any serious meaning (cmon 10% - thats nothing)..

    I've had a Intel SSD in my MBP2010. Fast as hell - scores only 191! And it can't get any faster.. it just appeared everything on the moment you press the key ;)
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    For single user situations NCQ hardly makes a difference, if any. Look at the real world benchmarks of the Kingston V+ 100 that also lacks NCQ. It's the same controller as the Toshiba in MBA.

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