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Touch not starting up, dead black, no damage

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Earendil, Oct 18, 2008.

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    I'm usually pretty good with solving these things, but not when they are completely dead.

    So I'm playing a game on my iPod while waiting for someone. I lock it (while in the game) put it in my pocket, and drive home. There is no pressure, no banging, nothing. I get home and pull my iPod out, and it won't start up. Nothing happens when I push the home button, nothing happens when I push the lock button.

    Now even though it had at least half power 30 minutes before, I decide to plug it in and see if that helps. Nothing. iTunes doesn't see it, Disk Utility doesn't see it.

    I've never dropped my iPod, I've never gotten it wet, and it has functioned perfectly for the 4 weeks I've had it. I've installed nothing but apple sanctioned software, and it was fully up to date.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is there something I can do so that iTunes/Disk utility can get to it?

    I'm scared :(

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    Plug your ipod in and dont unplug it, leave it for a few hours. I had this before, please trust me
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    try holding the lock (top) button and the home(bottom) button for 15 seconds and see if that wakes it up
    if that doesn't work you may need to try to put it in DFU mode
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    The 15 second double button trick worked!
    I didn't even know this trick... huh.

    Thanks :)
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    You're Welcome
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    Thank you very much.

    lol i just got an itouch today, i set it up and it worked fine, then i plugged it in to add more games and such on it, and then took it out, worked fine, got bored of the games and put it back in my comp, then i took it out, it blanked out and wouldn't turn on or respond to anything, itunes said it was in "recovery" mode, then said to restore it, i tried restoring it "please update itunes" i just cleared my comp earlier today and had the newest version, tried re installing itunes repeatedly, and then it wouldnt fix it, so i went on google, and found a bunch of useless things, found this and it worked so i dont have to make a trip back to best buy x] thanks

    (yes i just made an account on these forums to say that) :)

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