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iPad mini Tough/Hard case for iPad MINI recomendations, anyone?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by PracticalMac, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. PracticalMac, Jan 20, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2013

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    I just ordered a black otter is for the mini off amazon for $35

    I have a Smart Cover/back buddy combo that I like but for trips I wanted something more... I saw the otter box at the store and was surprised I liked it... Just not the retail price.
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    I use Otterbox on my mini. I find it is easier to hold. I've used OBox on all my iPads except #1 and all iPhones except 3GS. Great product and exceptional customer service. I consider it cheap insurance.
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    Cheap insurance? My insurance on my iPad mini is less for 1 year than the cost of an Otterbox. That's cheap insurance.

    OP, you'll probably get a lot more help if this is moved to the iPad Accessories section.
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    Well, at least the cases lasts more then one year, and no mini return hassle. :rolleyes:

    And yes, should have posted in Accessories, forgot all about that section.
    Mod's moved it anyway (thanks!)
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    There's no hassle when Apple swaps it in-store. :) I use a case, but it was cheap just to preserve my resale.
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    Classic urban legend. Please offer proof you even cover the cost of the case at resale time.
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    I found out recently that Best buy will price match Amazon. I got my OtterBox case for the mini for $40 and didn't have to wait, and I knew that it was new and if I have an issue can can go right back to the store and not have to wait deal with an Amazon vendor.
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    No way!!! Damn it! That's where I was looking at it.
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    Well, the case was only $20 so it's safe to assume that if my iPad mini was scratched up, I'd get $20 less. :) Honestly, getting the money back for the case isn't a deal breaker to me. I just like to provide the next owner with a brand new looking device. (Although, I did get a 32 LTE for 459 so I'll end up getting almost what I paid for it.)
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    One of the key features making it desirable for folks is the portability, size and weight of the Mini. That said, doesn't the otterbox case detract from that? I assume it adds both size and weight and makes the Mini somewhat less portable as well. The price on Amazon is still around $35 though and that is pretty darn good.

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