Toxic chemicals worm in Apple's iPhone core

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Clive At Five

    Just a reiteration of the Greenpeace article... except a week late.


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    ^---- senseless post

    However for the OP, Interesting reading, still won't keep me from getting one. I might like to be gender defected.
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    I guess I will resist the urge to eat my iPhone. :D
  5. ntg
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    From Hardmac Site:-

    Bromine Group Criticizes Greenpeace iPhone Report - Eric - 09:36:09 - Comments

    Source :

    Last week, we were reporting about Greenpeace news regarding the hazardous chemicals supposed to be present in the iPhone. The main criticism was related to brominated flame retardants (BFR) and their use in electronic devices. The Brome Science et Environmental Forum (BSEF), the international organization of the bromine chemical industry, slams Greenpeace criticisms about Apple iPhone. As confirmed by the environment protection organization itself, couple of hours following the publication of its original reports, all the substances found by Greenpeace in the iPhone are approved for use, and provide critical performance and safety functions in a wide range of electronic products. In addition Greenpeace also admitted that the iPhone complies with all existing EU regulatory requirements.
    If the truth is probably in between one should not forget that we should try to get as less as possible hazardous chemicals in mobile devices. However, the iPhone battery is indeed not designed to be optimally recycled .

    Isn't it a pity people don't check their facts!
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    :D Since when has GreenSleaze cared about facts??
  7. zen
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    As I've posted a couple of times before, this is the New Zealand Herald. They HATE Apple and Macs. I used to live in New Zealand, and that paper has zero credibility.

    Ignore it and move on!
  8. ntg
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    That's ok, but I didn't realise they were THAT far behind the rest of the world!
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    Hazardous chemicals aside, the thing that realy chaps my ass about this article is the pun in the title. I swear, too many more of these and I'm going on a shooting rampage. On another aside, for some reason, in Oz and the surrounding areas there is lots of anti-Apple journalism. Don't really know why.
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    It does look to be based on the Greenpeace article quite a bit.
    But I for one hope this doesn't hold back the release of the iPhone here in the UK. I highly doubt it would (seeing as it seems the NZ herald is not a very credible source), but if this gets picked up on by the British press we might have some trouble. We all know what the British press are like. :(
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    NO MAC FOR YOU! Come back 1 YEAR
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    You got that right.
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    Madame Defarge

    Nokia is PVC free

    Nokia is totally PVC free, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have already products on the market with BFR free components. Apple's competitors have also identified extra toxic chemicals they intend to remove in the future - beyond current minimum legal requirements.

    Nokia and Sony Ericsson have a global take-back policy for their phones and accept responsibility for reuse and recycling of phones they manufacture. That saves resources and helps prevent old phones from adding to the mountain of e-waste that has been dumped in Asia.

    Apple does not have a global free take-back policy so the eventual fate of the between four and 10 million iPhones expected to be sold in its first year is uncertain.

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