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Toys R Us in UK Selling Macs. When did this happen?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Axegrinder, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Just been in local Toys R Us looking for a game for my daughter for her Nintendo DS and noticed a new dedicated Apple display section with iMacs, ACD, MacMini, MacBook plus iPods of various types.

    Admittedly, I don't go there often but it wasn't that long since I was last in there and there was no Apple section then. When did this deal get done? I can't remember reading about this anywhere.

    Still, I'm glad as it means I don't have to travel 30 miles to my nearest Apple store to look at their kit.

    On their web site too
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    That's pretty interesting. I haven't been into one for at least a year but they weren't selling them then.

    They're obviously just sticking to the consumer models too which makes sense.

    Ahh Toys 'R Us.... Used to be such an adventure going in there when I was a kid. Now the shelves don't look half as high and the toys just ain't exciting anymore. Now they're selling Macs though...
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    It's back to the future all over again. ;)

    TRU used to be a decent computer store back in he old 8 bit days... Bought my Commodore 128D from them as well as plenty of software...

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    It looks like today's kids prefer electronics rather than those plain old dollies anyways so it makes perfect sense that they added Apple computers to their inventory.
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    I'll have to go into Toys R Us here and have a look
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    no it doesn't... every kid needs a 3.0 mac pro with 4 gigs of ram and 2 terabites of storage... o and lets not forget dual super drives ;)
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    I am always suspicious when a store that has little to no Mac knowledge starts selling them, there's really no advice or backup.

    I was reminded again the other day that when Apple were in their dark days, especially in the UK where they almost closed down their operations 10 years ago, only one UK retailer stuck by them, John Lewis. While some stores are better than others for Macs too, they do a pretty good job and still give you a years extra warranty over the standard one.

    If you want a custom spec machine, you really have only a few options over here, but if you want to buy stock models, I would always go somewhere trusted for Macs rather than say PC World which have started recently and when you speak to an assistant in there, their response is more like, "They're good, but more expensive than a PC of the same spec. Let me show you the latest generic crap we have in that earns me more commission."
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    This really doesn't help in our fight against the haters who call Macs "toy computers."
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    It's a good strategy on Apple's part... raise the kids on Apple so they will be buying Macs their whole life and then their kids will use them, etc. :D :cool:
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    Good point. I hope the Mac display isn't anywhere near the FisherPrice toys display....
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    OTH, Toys R Us already sell PCs and laptops. At least this way Apple have a chance of competing against those PCs in store

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