Trade ATV3 for ATV2?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by reminis16, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I have a ATV3 and my sister owns a ATV2... Im considering asking her if she wants to trade... I have never played with a jailbroken ATV2 but my Iphone is jailbroken and I love it..

    Think its worth it?? This will be on my 50" Panny Plasma.
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    Depends, I would actually go for the first ATV since it has the whole 160GB thing going on.
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    Yes. Look at prices for ATV2s. Going for more than new ones because you can JB them. IftheJB for ATV3 ever comes out then that will certainly change.

    I love Plex on JB'd AT2. My 2 first gen ATVs are just sitting in a closet despite the fact I went to the trouble of upgrading their internal HDDs a while back.
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    is it worth it for you or your sister?

    a used ATV2 is worth twice as much as a new ATV3
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    The hype for these guys (atv2) are overrated...if your sister isn't doing any sort of jailbreaking on the 2, ask if you can do a trade and she can use/keep your 3. Just be up front with it. If you don't need the 1080 then go for it, at least she will benefit from the 1080.
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    Agreed. Sold my Atv2 for 185 dollars (which i bought it for $85 refurbished) and bought an open item Atv3 for $90. Best deal i've ever had on owning something for 2 years.
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    I am looking to sell my ATV2 for this reason. I haven't used eBay in years and can't believe how much has changed.
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    Sell it on Amazon, not eBay if you want to keep the money.
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    I second Amazon. Recently sold an old cellphone for 42 dollars. Charged 5 by eBay and then 4 by PayPal. That's over a 20% charge. Ridiculous.

    Amazon charged me 16 bucks for my 185.95 dollar sale but gave me 4.99 for shipping back.

    Way better deal.
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    Agreed! I have an ATV3 hooked up to my Time Capsule with a USB external HDD where I keep all my movies and it works fine. Only problem I have is that I have to occasionally reboot iTunes. Aside from that, I'm happy with my aTV3. It does what its suppose to do. Granted I would like to see more content on it such as HBO GO.
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    Lol. With the price increase, I felt that I should've saved my $ and bought a 2 instead of the 3 lol.
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    I would but I probably get more money selling it on eBay with my 100% feed back then on Amazon with no feedback. I never sold anything on Amazon before.
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    Are 1080 (full HD) movies scaled down when played through XBMC on a jailbreaked Apple TV 2?
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    What I was saying was that although you will get paid on ebay, paypal might take the money straight back and give it to the buyer.

    I have sold 6 items on Amazon now. Nobody gave me any feedback, but it hasn't affected me. People seem to trust Amazon.

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