Phones Trade iPhone 4 16GB White Telus for Galaxy Nexus?

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Trade White iPhone 4 16GB Telus for Google Galaxy Nexus?

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    Should I trade my White iPhone 4 16GB locked to Telus for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus? What do you guys think. I already have a iPhone 4S 64GB Unlocked and my iPhone 4 gets no use now.
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    If its unlocked, yes. If locked, no.

    I'm going from 4S to $349 Nexus (Unlocked) until the new iPhone comes out. I am using my 2-year upgrade on it.
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    All Galaxy Nexus phones come unlocked, its a iPhone 4 I'm trading, for you its a big jump from 4S...I can't give up my 4S just yet:)
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    Oh yeah, then go for it then. Nothing to lose since you not locking yourself into a 2 or 3-year extension.
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    Since you own a 4s and you can get rid of the other phone and there by get the Nexus, I say go for it.
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    hell yeah. with jelly bean coming out that nexus would be even more awesome.
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    ok I think ill do that once I hear back from the person offering the trade.
  8. Satnam1989, Jul 1, 2012
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    Guys I traded and so Far I can only say positive things about the Google Galaxy Nexus, being the official Google phone I am looking forward to getting the official Jelly Bean update 4.1 on it soon as I don't really like to install custom ROM's or even the pre-release ROM's however I do like to root as it allows me to use apps that require Root Access.

    Having owned Galaxy S 4G(T959V), Nexus S(I9020T), Galaxy S II(T989) in the past year and half which all ran Android 2.3(Gingerbread) at the time. This is my first Android ICS Phone ever, despite not having the smoothness of Jelly bean I can say the phone is amazingly fast, smooth(even now), and feels good to use with its gigantic screen since it is HD (even tho pentile)...I think the SUPER AMOLED helps a lot...the images are clear and crisp...I have yet to notice any pixels.

    Only draw back as mentioned and is a complaint of many is the Android Market/Google Play Store app quality...It just doesn't have the applications that are Organized, Quality/Quantity is a big factor as well (on iOS if i can think of a app...I can pretty much find it because it exists but can't say same for Android), You have to think about viruses/being fake, and most(Not every single one) of the Apps are like "Freemium" or just don't have the option to remove ads at all....I think despite being "Open Source" if google can put their leg down on the their App Store then it can see a great deal of success. Which will also force Modders/Developers to open a store like Cydia or even Install0us(yes i know on iOS its for cracked apps) for apps that aren't approved by google rather than having every ****** app in the Google Play Store/Android Market. Actually second drawback (Sort of) was that I had a hard time finding the "Menu" button for all of the apps I used such as "Whatsapp" it was sort of hidden in a corner and only represented by 3 dots in a row vertically situation...its been kind of confusing every time I get a new app having to find it.

    I won't give up my iPhone 4S at all but will use the phones side by side both doing their own share of work...but Im still and will continue to be on my iPhone 4S more than the Android/Galaxy Nexus just because of the lack of apps that I use (I'm sure there is someone that will point out that "I can find every apps"...well my friends thats not the case with "every app" to be exact)
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    Protip: if you root your phone, you can get rid of every ad on your phone, including those within "free" apps.
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    Good job. Yea, I know what you mean about iPhone having so many more apps. I mean who can live without crap like Temple Run and find my drunk friends and fart noise apps?
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    Just another example of how bad android software is.
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    So you must never buy a Windows machine because they come loaded with bloatware and ads right? :rolleyes:
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    That says a lot about where you shop. No wonder you like android.
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    oooohhh, please tell us where you shop where you find magical Windows computers without preinstalled bloatware! I'll be waiting..
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    Use your critical thinking skills and formulate an answer.
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    Bad for 3rd parties that try to send ads to your phone, you mean.

    Android is run by an advertising company, but since its open source, you at least have the freedom to not be a statistic.

    Would be great if there were a true Linux phone, though. Imagine the geek potential. Oh man.
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    Go to developer settings and enable force 2d rendering. Makes apps that haven't been updated for ics run much smoother.


    Its already open source. You can compile your own builds and most of the binaries for the drivers are open source as well in the omap 4460. If you wanna geek out on it its definitely good for that. Its also great for the average consumer as well as the stock experience is great as well and the stock jellybean update is amazing. (definitely way way smoother than stock ics) First time I don't have the urge to go on a custom rom in a long time. Only thing I miss is some of the extra customizability that cm9/aokp offered but once the source comes out that will be back soon.
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    Is there a:
    1) File Manger App? like there was in Gingerbread...
    2) Rotation lock? I can't find it anywhere...
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    This just shows how bad Androids are.
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    There's a bunch of open source ones on the market. I like es file manager but if you want one that look like a stock app oi file manager is good. The one you had in gingerbread was most likely added by the manufacturer.

    Here's the rotation lock. Its in display.

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    Solid Explorer is the best file manager I've used on Android. Very polished.

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