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Trade up with nextworth?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ucscc10, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Hey everyone- so i've been looking into trying to sell a couple ipods that I have so i can upgrade to a 5G, and one company that does it is nextworth. have you guys done this? I'm just looking for some feedback on how the process was and any reactions to this. $75 for a 3G 15 aint that bad, and neither is $170 for a photo, and add the $50 from an ipod settlement thing, a 5G is almost paid for. anyways- the site is:

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    Re: Nextworth

    Hi, I have used Nextworth and they're legit. They're not for people who have the time and resources to sell their iPod on their own - if you can do that you should go ahead and sell it on your own and probably get a little more $...But for those of us who aren't eBay savvy and/or don't have the time to figure out how much to charge - these guys do it all for you - and they send you the $ right after they receive your iPod (i.e. they don't wait for it to be sold). If I remember correctly they also paid the postage (they UPS you a box to put your iPod in).:)
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    thanks! did you feel you got a fairly good deal through this? i just don't want to deal with ebay, so it looks like i'm going to be doing this. thanks for the reply
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    Re: Nextworth

    Hi, yes I did get a good deal - it was my iPod nano, and I forget the exact amount, sorry :confused: - if I sold it on my own *maybe* I would have made another $20 - but I didn't have the time.:eek: .... BTW, I did check out Nextworth before I began - they *are* registered (in exc. standing) with the better business bureau - the link is on the site (something I always check out before I do a (semi) big transaction with an 'unknown'.:) Good luck!

    -Jay Marcos
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    i traded with giopod.com..........they're a fairly new website but they offer actually TRADE rather than just cashing out........you can kill two birds with one stone (buy new ipod, sell old ipod). giopod was really quick with the transaction and i had my new ipod in less than a week.

    iPod Trade-In (GioPod)
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    Hi jhorowitz - I checked out Giopod but they had no phone number and a real small selection of iPods (no 1GB shuffle, 3rd Gen's, etc.)... And I found an article that said it was run by a couple of college students out of their dorm - so I wasn't sure if they're a credible co. The Great iPod Exchange (parent co = NetWorth or Nextworth:confused: , not sure) has been around for a while, they came across to me as much more trustworthy, and they do let you trade up *after* you send turn your iPod in -- you can get a discount off a new iPod....I like the way they treated me.... just my $.02:)
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    Nextworth valued my 512MB Shuffle without headphones at $12....wow.
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    I haven't used nextworth but I can tell you that giopod is definitely legit. I had a new iPod video in my hands in 6 days (pretty quick, i think). They don't have a phone number but they did respond to the two emails i sent them within a two hour period. I looked into nextworth before I heard about giopod and they actually offered me $30 less for my iPod, and didn't actually have a trading option...they just tell you to buy it on Amazon and they take commission for it. They offer the buyer a portion of the commission, which actually goes against the policy of Amazon's affilliate program (I have an Amazon Affilliate account myself). Anyways, all in all, giopod definitely is a better deal (at least in my scenario).

    I found the article you're talking about on google news......true its a couple of college students...but they are backed by a prosperous California investment firm so I'm pretty sure they're not some random kids on the streets. They know what they're doing. (my friend saw a news report on them the other day)

    Anyways, I think I'm just trying to say that giopod got the job done quick and easy.....and that I love my new iPod video...i cant get my hands off it!!
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    I'm not suprised...they valued my friend's battery-dead iPod mini at $40. I fixed the battery and he traded it in to GioPod for over $100.
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    jhorowitz - sounds like you work for Giopod! Isn't this the equivalent of board-spamming?
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    is there anything like this in the UK?
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    I haven't heard of anything to this time. Your best bet is probably eBaying it.
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    LOL! I wish I worked for giopod.
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    WARNING - Re: GiOPod - SCAM?

    Gang FYI I checked out this thoroughly - please note BEFORE you decide to make a purchase with Giopod.

    - they have NO physical address, not even a PO BOx
    - Their only phone number (on their bbb report) goes to a cell phone, some guy named Isaac.
    - And if you do a search for Nextworth (the REAL iPod trade-in company), a sponsored listing pops up that link to Giopod - last I checked, this method of advertising (using another brand to promote your product) is **illegal**.

    So if you decide to do business with Giopod, beware, they seem VERY shady.

    -Jay Marcos.
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    how could they be a scam if they have a BBB. and if they dont have a po box then how they did grant all my freinds for credit? maybe some one just told you the wrong thing
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    i found nextworth's offer for what i was selling (40GB 4th gen. iPod) to be very fair. in fact, the price they are giving me (pending inspection of course) is more than $30 higher than what my iPod fetched on eBay. after i saw that, i didn't even bother checking out GioPod, as the ease of use with nextworth is second to none.
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    doeboyxx - obviously you, like jhorowitz, are a Giopod employee engaging in board spamming.

    And, for clarity - virtually ANYONE can register with the BBB. Note that Giopod have no history of customer comments, so there's nothing for the BBB to go on. Indeed, their listing with the BBB started in Mid-april, so there's no history to go on!

    BBB or not, I'm not going to trust a company with no address, no phone number, and which engages in using a competitor's name (via google adwords) to attract customers!
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    CEX are ok http://www.cex.co.uk/

    As others point out, you're much better off selling it second hand privately if you can be bothered.
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    spam amuses me. so... who do you work for?
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    I signed up with Giopod and never got the "Free, Postage Paid box" they were bragging about. It's been over a month!

    Also - GioPod has no phone number and no mailing/physical address.

    Also - Giopod is run by a couple college students out of their dorm room in California! Read:

    Anyway, I used NextWorth (their BBB report, which, for you interested, is here:

    They quickly sent me a check for my iPod and made the process easy. I also got $10 off on a bargain-priced new one they had.

    In short: Nextworth=Legit / Giopod=who knows????
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    Hi, I havent been here awhile, but heres my opinion on NextWorth.

    Yesterday, I got the craving to get that 2nd gen iPod classic that i have always wanted, so decided to finally buy it off NextWorth

    I tried looking at other sites, but the only other one I found was PodSwap, and for a poor condition iPod 2nd gen, it was around 100 dollars

    I just purchased a $69.99 iPod 2nd gen yesterday, and the item has no tax or shipping. Just flat out $69.99 to the cent. The item is also listed as good condition. I am not an ebay person so that was down for me, but nextworth looks like they have the best deals on everything.

    My order processed a couple hours after i bought the iPod, and as of now, i can barely wait to get my hands on my vintage iPod 2nd gen.


    oh baby, that looks good :p :apple:
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    By my observations, nextworth for me was a great company. The day after i send in an email for the cable, they sent me a reply saying they'd send out a 6-6 firewire the same day, in priority mail, so, i'll get it tomorrow. Nextworth was fast, responsive, and very reliable for me, and i would definitely use them to sell your iPod. Hope you have good luck

    and seeing that this was resolved 2 yrs ago, i feel stupid...

    allright, i got my iPod in just 2 days (not counting sunday) because the facility is in New Jersey, and i live in central Pennsylvania.

    Since this is a post and not a thread, i will post thumbnails with a description of each one.

    here is everything that came with my iPod

    here is the iPod itself

    again everything that came with the iPod

    i am bummed out since they accidentally sent me a firewire dock connector cable instead of a 6-6 pin (double sided) firewire cable. i have to wait for a reply to the email i sent them until i can charge, sync, and use it.

    as you can see, firewire plugs in the top, and i need the double sided one so i can get it in my computer. stupid iPod dock connectors

    the back: normal wear, no heavy gouges, no dent/dings.. well, right in front of the firewire port on the top, there is a bend in the metal.. nothing that i'm worried about.
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    Do Not Use NextWorth!!! They're Sleazy!!!

    I attempted to trade-in my iPhone 4 for cash from NextWorth and have had a series of disappointments with them that I believe warrant reporting on. Long story short: At my request they returned an iPhone 4 to me that, unfortunately 1) has minor scratches; and 2) is a lower capacity, cheaper iPhone!

    I had requested a return of my iPhone after they renegued on an offer of a quoted cash back of $276, offering me less than 50% ($115). I answered truthfully a series of questions before I got the original $276 quote and they subsequently offered the $115 based on a claim that the iPhone I sent in has a condition of "heavy wear". This was not an option for reporting and I can only infer that they seek to get people to send in their iPhones (after being quoted an attractive price) in order to have customers settle for the drastically reduced cash offer. I would not settle, asked for my original iPhone back, received it 10 days later, and received the wrong phone. I knew it was the wrong phone because all my apps, contact information, photos, etc., wouldn't fit in the iPhone. However, I confirmed with myself that this was not my iPhone because I made the trouble of going to an Apple Store, standing in line and getting a copy of my iPhone receipt (which I have in my possession) which has the serial number on it. Infuriatingly they promised to return my call, never did, and after reaching them and informing them that I have a copy of the receipt to mail them as proof of my purchase they stated there was nothing that could be done and refused to send back my iPhone! (It is now two weeks without my iPhone -- I had to purchase a Skype phone number to stay in contact with friends and family). And, I lost out on an opprtunity to submit my phone with another tarde-in program. I remained intent on getting my iPhone back and they offered to do that only under the condition that I deposit $276 (the amount they renegued on!) into their PayPal account! This they claimed was so that they can ensure receiving the "bad" iPhone back and they can in turn send me my original iPhone!!!

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