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Training Manual Cover Design

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macgfxdesigner, Apr 18, 2006.

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    The boss came to me yesterday and asked me to design a Training Manual Cover, so this what I put together, Comments are welcome. Thank You! :)

    Screenshot is from my new 20 inch intel imac

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    That script for the word 'Advisor' just looks plain wrong — all distorted and hand-written like that. It's immensely distracting, messy and very un-business-like... not very confident-appearing or authoritative.

    The line with 'Training Manual' in loosely-spaced caps could have a little more air between it and the word 'Advisor'.

    The document icon between the words 'Training' and 'Manual' is a nice idea but you need to allow more space between the two words. The icon is taking up too much visual space there... even if it means taking that line down a couple of points and spacing the letters a little more tightly in order to create more space between the words.

    Other than that, I like it. Nice green. ;)
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    Thank You, I went back and redesigned the Advisor part and training manual, something was bugging me about the design and I think I resolved it. Updated the design link.
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    I think the word 'Advisor' can come down a little in size on the cover and on the spine, maybe 3-10% tops. And nudge the 'Training Manual' line down a little... it's a little tight to the large title IMHO.
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    Is this to be part of a series?
    Consider running a common element through them on the spine so they are readily identifiable on the bookshelf. Some I have seen have had a band on the spine that was common to the year of issue, changing location with each year, others have had colour coding per subject matter.
    The "pages" icon on the spine is superfluous, you can lose it. If there is a series number, or a "grade level" for this manual, or other useful identifying information, it could go there.
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    The only Identification for each manual would be there is going to be 3 manuals, so I could use 1, 2, 3 on the bottom of the spine.

    I updated the design again with your suggestions, made the Advisor smaller, moved down training manual and placed the corasponding number with that manual for identification purposes.
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    Is this going to be printed on a textured paper or smooth paper?
    If it's smooth - I'd suggest adding a little bit of texture to the coloured background. Something slight, maybe a leather or a canvass pebble. Just don't go overboard with it - make it discreet.
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    I like it :)

    Then again I'm currently working on an add that was due yesturday and I was just told about 10 mins ago. So I know what it's like to have no direction or time. :p
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    Plan Paper

    Just your standard 98 brightness cardstock.
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    Updated Again

    In Advisors replaced the S with the S from our logo and minor changes to the words and placement
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    I like it, it always seems that the things that we have the lease amount of time to do come out better. ;)


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