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Transfer files from G3 (Panther) to new iMac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by imac man, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I have just purchased a new 21.5 iMac to replace a G3 iMac running 10.3.9. There is no Migration Assistant on the old Mac. I have attempted to figure out how to transfer the files from the G3 to my new Mac, but I can't figure it out. The new Mac says to insert the "Install Disc 1" into the old computer and to install "DVD or CD Sharing Setup" software. I can't find any such software on the only install DVD I received. (titled "Mac OS X Install DVD") (Nor on the accompanying "Software Install DVD.") Further, the new Mac says to open Migration Assistant on the old machine and follow instructions. (Hard to do when there is no Migration Assistant on that computer.) (I am attempting to transfer files via wireless network.) Any one know how to run Migration Assistant on an old iMac running Panter?
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    Try going into System Preferences-->sharing. I don't remember the options on Panther anymore, but I'm pretty sure you can turn on filesharing. Then just look for the Panther compy on your network on the new iMac (should pop up in the left hand panel of any Finder window), enter your name and password for the old machine, and copy what you need...
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    correct you need to allow whatever files you want to share between them .
    but you need to activate apple talk first otherwise the iMac g3 will not turn up under network in your new iMac
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    btw it works the other way round too ,so you can also access the files on the new imac on your old trusted iMac g3 ..just in case something goes wrong with the new one ,its a fast and easy way to have data shared between two or more mac`s , i like that option because my iMac g3 is quiet can only sometimes hear the hd spinning but have to listen carefully , so ideal for keeping it in the bedroom for listening itunes and still have access to all important data,have 128gb western digital harddrive in mine , ok it `s 250gb but i had it lying around and as its a 7200rpm one and very quiet i used it and store all really important stuff on it
    so dont replace the old bugger , keep him in the family you will never find a longer lasting computer again, and its good to know that there is a other computer in the house with the same files on
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    Thanks for the input. Actually, am connected wirelessly between the two macs. I was hoping to avoid doing a manual transfer by having Migration Assistant do the bulk of the work, as I have to transfer tons of stuff, including keychains, email, applications, music etc. But I don't have MA on the old mac, and when I copied MA from my daughter's MacBook (Leopard) it wouldn't open in Panther. Is there a Panther version of MA available? If not, any advice on transfering particularly things like keychains, emails, and apps? Can I just drag the appropriate folder over and replace the existing folder on the new iMac?
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    its a gerneral problem with apps , ok not so much with apps between cheetah, puma,jaguar, panther , tiger ,leopard , bud sadly it is one with snow leopard as its not build to support anything ppc related , its a step further away from the heritage of apple :(
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    You know, I would definitely upgrade to Tiger first on the iMac G3 and then try to transfer data to Snow Leopard. I'd also upgrade to iLife 08 first, at least.

    I once tried to broach the subject of putting a large hard drive in the old Cubes and iMacs that stretched them beyond their 128gb capacity because I had a 200 gb drive in a Cube that utterly failed and destroyed data.

    There used to be an app for older Macs that got you beyond the 128gb limit. I was always too penny pinching poor to get it. But if you plan on using your old iMac with a huge hard drive, you might try it. I personally think that the hd limit does something bad to those hard drives, though I could be wrong. I had a failed hard drive to show for it.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I ended up abandoning trying to use Migration Assistant and have just been transferring the relevant material manually. Doing a little bit every day I'm just about finished. Thankfully, I've not needed to have the new iMac fully operational immediately.

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