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Transfer my Bookmarks.plist from SL to ML

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by hartwig, Jul 20, 2012.

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    And you are sure you are looking in the right folder ?

    ie. "User Name"/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist

    IF there is no folder in there named Safari, create one yourself and put the plist file in there and see if that works ...
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    It would be easier just to open Safari and in the File menu click on export bookmarks, then use that file to import on the new machine.
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    I use delicious.com
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    One would think.
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    This is what I do as well.
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    Does that save your bookmarks folders though? (or just bookmarks)
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    Have you tried this out yourself?
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    It saves everything, folder structure and all.
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    Any help please?

    I already have the Bookmarks.plist on a USB

    How should I transfer them to Safari 6 on ML?
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    Why not just follow the advice above, to export bookmarks then import them in Safari?
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    Click on your desktop to bring focus to the Finder then enter shift-commmand-g (hold all three keys at once). Then enter ~/Library/Safari in the resulting popup and enter. Do you now see the Safari settings folder? Just put the bookmarks.plist in there.

    I have not seen anybody comment in the Mountain Lion threads about this Folder being gone, but you may be correct.
  13. hartwig, Jul 23, 2012
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    Thank you, this is the only helpful response, and I could only access the Safari folder by doing what you said, ~Library/Safari

    But otherwise, Apple has removed it from the Library folder for some reason

    And I can't go back to SL because I destroyed my old HDD and I have a new SSD with ML so I can't go back and export...

    I now have my bookmarks :)

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    Glad it worked out.

    Here is where I think you went astray. Your screenshot on the left is of the main /Library folder and not the user library folder I sent you to.

    By default the user library folder is hidden by Lion (and apparently Mountain Lion) and the command I gave you got you there even with it hidden.

    Do an option-click on the Go menu and you will see the user ~/Library folder and you will find the Safari folder in there.
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    I did the option-click on the Go menu, it works perfectly!

    Thanks again! :)

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