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Transfering songs from iPod to iTunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Solafaa, Feb 18, 2005.

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    I would like to transfer my music collection to my girl friends 12" PB but i cant seem to drag and drop. She has about 200 songs and i would like to add my songs from my iPod to her iTunes. This might be simple thign that i overlooked but i cant think of a way to do it without either deleting my songs or her's.
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    Apple doesn't support iPod->iTunes song transfers. You need to get yourself a program such as iPodRip (my personal favorite). go to versiontracker or wherever, there are tons out there.
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    Thank you very much sir, i tryed it and it works great. Thanks again.
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    This is, BTW, so that you cannot copy music easily. Copy protection. Just another annoyance of digital life...
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    Copy tunes from iPod to computer

    When you plug the ipod in and itunes asks if u want to "synch and erase" tell it no. In the options section tick "Manually manage music" and "Enable disk use". Then you should be able to see the drive through windows explorer as removable storage (e.g. F:\) Enable hidden files & folders in explorer and then you will be able to find the music stored in lots of folders named Fd where d is some number. Copy all of these files to your hard drive into a temp folder and once completed ask itunes to import them into the library making sure you have the Copy Files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to Library" option set in the advances tab of itunes prefs and also "Keep iTunes music folder organised". This will take them out of the Fd buckets and organise them nicely inside the itunes folder.
    Now that you have your music safe and sound on your hard drive you can change the options back to auto synch if u like by unticking the "Manually manage music" box and it will erase your ipod and put all the music back on it. A convoluted solution to a problem that shouldnt exist. Where there is a will there is a way.

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    mad jew

    Good to see you're eager to help mate, but this thread's quite old and is referring to a Mac, not a PC. Nevertheless, nice one and keep at it. :)
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    But it came in use for me! Thanks!

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