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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by voicegy, Jan 12, 2002.

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    Now, I usually don't go for toying too much with augmenting or "changing" the look of ANY of Apples' products, but I gotta admit, this is a pretty cool idea:
    "AppleSkinz add the perfect touch to the already beautiful industrial design of the Apple Macintosh G3 and G4 computer."
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    Interesting idea... but

    Well, I think that these add-ons really make the G4 towers look cheesy. Maybe if I saw them in front of me they might look nice, but from the pictures on their website, they just look terrible. If you pay over 3000 dollars for a G4, don't make it look cheap. If the company ever makes any design that increases the looks of the G4 tower, than maybe I would consider it, but not currently.

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    the designs on the site don't impress me... but I like the concept... hopefully they'll have better designs

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    I think with a bit of work, one can come up with their own interesting design.....these pre-fabs I don't care for much...
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    If?? More like when.
    You KNOW Ive and Apple are gonna have a gnarly G5 here in about 6 months. I suspect the G5 will be incased in an all new configuration. We'll see...
    Agreed thought, interesting concept (interesting potential), but the current designs? No way. Not for me (or any other Mac user I know).
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    i agree a lot of the designs are pretty bad but did u click on the more designs button? some of teh ones i that second page rnt so bad. also the people selling these seem to be acknowledging that they need some help in the design sector. they are offering to buy new designs off people if you just submit them.

    i love visiting all the japanese websites where they modify the appearance of macs. ive even thought about trying some of the things ive seen. i think appleskinz is just making it a little easier for all of us to play with the appearance a little. sure apple's designs are great but since these damn computers have such long life spans that many of us get bored with the same ol look after a few years. one problem i get with these though is the price $50 for a pair. bit steep for such a superficial thing. $30 is more resonable i think. im wondering if they will be able to design a similiar casing for the new imac.
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    Pretty cool

    Time to dust off the old airbrush. I think I could do that!
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    Re: Pretty cool

    :) thats the spirit!
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    I agree AmbitiousLemon....

    The second page did have some better designs... but not too good.

    Ohh, its nice to know that their is another Bezerklyite on these forums :D

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    I am waiting to see what the G5 looks like before I decide on the skins. I like the concept, especially if Apple doesn't change the case for the G5 (initial release).

    I sent feedback to the skins people letting them know that they need to have something for the front of the computer as well as the sides. I have my G4 tower sitting under my desk, where I only see one side and the front. If they don't offer something for the front to tie the designs together, I won't really consider them.

    I should check and see what kind of paint and such to use on the sides of the Mac, so that I too can pull out the old airprush and do some of my own. Even better, get ahold of people that work with carbon fiber and get them to make a few sheets to go over both sides (make the latch usable too) as well as the front. If nothing else, you can get a very thin sheet, heat it up a little so that it is flexible, and use that on your own.

    Good concept, but the execution and designs need work.
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    ive always wanted a different color apple on my powerbook g4, that would be cool, i like the titanium and stuff but a different color apple i would like to customize, also, how do you customize the ibook?
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    An interesting idea but I'm afraid I don't know anyone is the market for a "hotwheels" Quicksilver.
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    would look good on a G3: am. flag, white fire, or the white photo holder
    would look good on an old G4: silver tatoo or the airplane skin
    would look good on a quicksilver G4: white flames, silver delta, silver tatoo, or the airplane skin

    the rest are dumb
    the photo holder is a good idea if you know what you want to put there.

    most of the designs look better when you click on them (especially the carbon fiber ones) but some just have bad colors for the rest of your mac

    (damn i want a g4)
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    personally, i like my Macs just the way they are :) i have no need to use stickers, paint, vinyl, tape, or anything else on them. bar none they are the sexiest machines on the planet and i won't undo their natural beauty ;)

    nice idea for others though...
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    It’s like putting neon underneath a car, it just shouldn’t happen. Why would anybody want to mess with a masterpiece? The designer's original intent is being de-faced, and that should be against the mac-LAW! Put this crap on a PC.

    Let the expert industrial designers at Apple do what they do best and ban these rediculous skinz!

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    hmm.. now, if they had one in cow-spots, I would be SORELY tempted. Almost everyone where I work owns a Gateway, and this would be an amusing way to get a jab in at them.
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    A little exspensive?

    This is pretty cool, but don't you think it's pretty exspensive? I know people have to make their money some how...
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    Saw them at MWSF

    Unfortunately, the web site doesn't do the actual skinz justice. I just got back from MWSF, where I saw them in person. IMHO they're very cool - high quality paint jobs, nice metalic finish on some of the designs & the wood grains are incredible. The AppleSkinz booth had a big crowd everytime I went by it.
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    ugh... i keep thinking about this. it's a bad idea to throw big stickers on your macs. i know a guy at work with YDL stickers (yellow dog linux) on his g4 and i just shake my head...

    why would you do that... why?... :confused:
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    I think the purple flame one cool, and since I sit my G4 on a shelf in front of me, with the sides facing toward and away from me, it wouldn't look bad at all.

    One good thing about PCs: they look **** so you can paint them. I did my friends case black with metallic purple flames - very cool!

    These skins are very expensive though!
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    iMac coverings

    I had a similar idea at one point, except for the now-older iMacs. Have the bubble portion to be just clear plastic, and have a way where a person can slip in a designed cover (which could be semi-translucent plastic or similar material), so there could be covers that are just a solid color, or maybe have the iMac have a picture of the Mona Lisa or a work by Van Gogh.
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    Personally, I like the flame covers. :) (especially the blue flames on white background)
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    drunken muse...

    maybe I can put some pink elephants on the lid of my PowerBook...

    anyone make these? :p
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    I'm curious!

    Hey folks,
    I'm one of the creators who created AppleSkinz. I'd like to know more about why some of you dislike our product. Just about everyone(10s of thousands) who came by our booth at MacWorld last week loved them. I think you actually have to see them in person to appreciate how fun they are and their great quality.

    We just started developing the product 3 months ago and have just begun to bring you designs. If there are any that you would like, please let me know.

    As far as the price, once again, you have to touch them to truly realize just what they are. They are not some cheesy sticker or flimsy plastic panel. They are vacuum formed .030 PGET/Polycarbonate that has been silk screened/painted in reverse fashion on the inside. Just ask anyone who came by our booth if they are "Hot-Rod" quality.

    Also, we are currently building the molds for the older iMacs, iBooks and Titanium. When we gat a hold of a new iMac, we'll make that too. We also got over 100 requests for the cube so we're going to think about that one.

    Once again, I'd like some more feedback about what you would like. We'll take this where you guys want.

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    Re: I'm curious!

    I would like to see skins to go over the front of the computer (G4/G5 towers). Something to tie the entire thing together. Mainly because I see the front of my system more then the sides.

    Just my feedback.

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