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Travelling abroad, what should I turn off?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by blinkie, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I'm travelling from the UK to France with my new iphone4. Are there settings I should be turning off to stop it from connecting it's self to the internet and running up a huge bill?
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    Chupa Chupa

    Turn off data roaming and any push mail.
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    Be warned: if you leave your phone on and don't answer, it registers as a call forward when it transfers the person to voicemail. You end up paying international roaming for the minutes people are leaving you voicemail messages. If you leave your phone off, it won't do this. Depending on where you're going, look up the international roaming rates and decide if it's worth it to you. Remember you can have your phone in airplane mode (3G/voice/SMS turned off) while having wifi enabled.

    And be sure international data roaming is turned off in the phone. That gets expensive quickly.
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    Just turn your phone off completely.

    International rates are crazy! I was in Europe for 2 weeks, and it was kind of liberating not having a phone on me.

    Of course, once I got back to the states?

    Phone on!
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    Thanks for your advice.

    It's a nice idea but I'm going to be wanting the camera and ipod. :)
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    Airplane mode. :p
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    There you go!
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    What about going to Settings --> General --> Network and turning off "Cellular Data". Will this shut overything off or just data usage?

    Actually, I think it just terminates data. Airplane mode is the safest.
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    Airplane mode, and you can still turn on wifi if the hotel you're staying at has it.
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    Oven, Lights, TV, Radio......... ;)
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    Why do people suggest to turn off Push AND Data Roaming? Simply turning Data Roaming Off will turn off ANY data, even push.

    So OP, if you're only worried about data you only need to turn off Data Roaming. If you want to avoid calls and texts too you should put your iPhone in Airplane Mode and then turn WiFi.
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    Yep. When we went to Bermuda I turned on airplane mode then turned WiFi back on. Using Internet cafes, I was able to stay in touch without difficulty. I'm sure you can do the same in Europe.
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    "Data roaming" off should work, although there have been some rare horror stories of woe over the years. (mostly from 3rd world local carrier scams)

    I would think the new 4.0 option of turning off "cellular data" would be the ultimate kill switch for traveling data worries. If I understand it correctly, you still have a working iPhone in all respects (including wifi) minus the cell tower data use.

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    Just hold it, preferably with your left hand.
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    Haha, well-played! :D
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    just keep it simple and turn on airplane mode. it turns off data and the cellular network on the phone, so it's essentially an iPod touch with a camera
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    Turning Data Roaming Off effectively does the same thing as turning off Cellular Data when you leave your country. Most (probably all) of the horror stories you hear are because either people didn't turn data roaming off or they turned it back on just "once in a while" and then were shocked when the bill came.
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    Airplane mode, then turn WiFi back on if you want.

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    That made me laugh ;D! Good idea actually...
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    Airplane mode & cellular data
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    Why both? Airplane mode already kills everything.
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    Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, does Data Roaming refer to my phone accessing the networks of local mobile phone companies? For calls or only for internet?
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    Make an email address that's only for international travel. Tell that address to your friends, no one else.

    Get Google Voice and switch from Visual Voice mail to GV's voicemail, turn off sms forwarding. You can check messages via email or on the web.

    Use GV SMS and check messages via email or on the web.

    This is only the data usage. This includes email and all other data use, but not SMS (billed separately).
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    Just turn off voicemail, as well as data roaming.

    Texts are free to receive anyway and you can choose which phonecalls you may wish to answer, bearing in mind you will be charged to receive them if you do.
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    Data roaming is only for internet.

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