Treat your Mac to 3D sound spacialization with OSS 3D v2.02

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Link: Treat your Mac to 3D sound spacialization with OSS 3D v2.02
    Description:: OSS 3D is a sound enhancement / spacialization system that utilizes state of art DSP technology allowing addition of bass spatialization, 3D surround and various other real-time enhancements of the sound played through your system.

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    i don't get it. is it free, or is it 30 bucks? thanks for clearing this up.
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    best I could tell it was free, which is why I went ahead and posted it. If there's money involved, let me know and I'll remove the link and let them buy some advertising space from us. :)
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    Here is the License Agreement:

    Terms of agreement:

    (i) This software is distributed as a shareware with evaluation period of
    14 days, then you are required to register it or remove it with an
    Uninstaller provided.

    (ii) The software is provided AS-IS.

    (iii) The developer does not carry any liability for damages caused by this
    software that may result from use of it.

    By installing this software you agree to the terms above mentioned.

    So that means that it's not free :(
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    So it is Shareware, I'm okay with that. As long as it allows at least a trial I'm okay with Macbytes giving it a little promotion if they are okay with it ;)
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    On a different note, what do you guys think of the softwarE? I'll haveto wait until I get home fromwork to give it a good try. However I can't tlel if this is just a "modify the sound so that some people will think it sounds better" or if there really are some added benafits. Is it just an advanced equalizer with more options and presets?
    Their website, while somewhat informative, doesn't seem to give a very clear picture. And their forums are down :(


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