Treegloo case delivered - lots of pics

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by glen e, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. glen e, Apr 6, 2011
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    Overall I am very happy with this. I needed it for a biz meeting and they came thru. I had to pay expedited shipping but was worth it. They included a note that frames from now on will be rounded on corners and if I want to return this one, no sweat. Ipad fits fine even with icarbon back. Love the black frame and what I liked about treegloo from the start, I hate light wood. I'd give it a 9 outta 10 - quality first rate - this is killer red/indy adventure/ebony frame - more review after I take it on the road for 5 days. BTW - no patented "sound chamber" but sound is fine for me.

    Pics loaded bottom to top so start down there....

    only thing missing is a pocket for papers on the inner cover
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    Nice. Love the thank you on wrapping. Small things like that can go a long way.
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    You need to clean your ipad!! :)

    I'm glad to see your note about the fact that the corners would be rounded because I don't like how the corner is sticking out. How well is the ipad held into the case?
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    Thanks for the photos. Does the case weigh a lot by itself?
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    the note enclosed says insert right side first, then left - locks in nicely - did the upside down shake test and no problem - for me I'm not worried, as this is my boardroom/courtroom case so It will go straight to the folded back typing position and no others...
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    they do a pretty good job of specs here:

    I'll only answer my observations on this thread...
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    Thanks for photos, been waiting for those. Unfortunately, 7 & 8 shows how poorly made it is. Definetly looks cheap. Shame, cause I wanted one. Maybe light wood would look better.
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    looks really good. i can't wait for mine to come in.

    espresso with chocolate wood with red suede inner and the cloth is the france city map.
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    How's the sound coming out from the iPad 2's speaker?
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    I'm highly impressed with your wallpaper, is that done in photoshop?

    If so I may spring for photoshop.

    Not loving the corners, but they changed them you said so that's good.
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    fine but I don't know how you hear sound, so it's a question that really can't be answered here - no muffling to me.

    And as far as cheap - the base on this case is $35 - that's less than all the others and shots were taken with a macro lens - from the normal eye, the quality is fine:
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    "Reward greater than eBay value"

    I need to do up my wallpaper like this.....sweet
    Case looks top notch, not my taste necessarily but looks nice.
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    I use my ipad with Keynote in about 50 car dealerships a year for training staff - a friend suggested that line....text inserted over a std photo using MS paint - sent to dropbox and made wallpaper - no need for complicated photoshop....
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    Glen, how do the magnets on the case work for the wake/sleep function?
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    yes, as advertised - no problem when folded over like the chinese junk here...
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    A couple of questions:

    How's the typing angle?

    Vertical stand stability OK?

    Is the ipad fairly easy to remove (if you intend to remove it)?
    I'd actually like to use a Treegloo for transport and stand purposes mainly, but would like to use it outside of the case as often as possible. So I'm hoping that I can just have it in the case to carry around campus but take it out when I'm at home.

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    Must be the reflective nature of the photos but that dark wood looks painted. Is it really that shiny? If so I think I'd take my chances with hand staining a Portenzo with a matte varnish as I'm not a fan of shiny wood. Glad to hear the corners hold well, they lol uneven in the photos though,
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    Why would you want a case that essentially turns the ipad into the size of small laptop? Kinda defeats some of the +'s of having an ipad no?
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    No offense but the 7th and 8th pics look just awful.
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    I think there's something cool to mixing all that tech with something old like an old leather-bound book.
  21. civla, Apr 6, 2011
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    Agree, I am second thinking the Treegloo now

    I thought the same thing when I first saw those pics. I am starting to second think the TreeGloo. It almost looks like an afterthought cutout of rubber strips. I am curious how that will hold up for people planning to remove the iPad from the case often. Will it wear down or will the adhesive eventually give?

    Such a tough choice, Treegloo, Portenzo, or Octavo. Maybe some more pics will help.

    UPDATE: I just noticed that on all of Treegloo pictures on their site and FB page, they don't show those corners in any detail. Either oversight or on purpose. Thanks for posting them on here!
  22. FMLFMLFML, Apr 6, 2011
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    Not too bad for a $35 case.

    Stain is a bit shiny for my taste (although might be lighting) and the corners look as bad as the Portenzos. Maybe we now know why no other case maker is staining this wood.

    Pad & Quill is looking better and better lately.

    EDIT: Also looks like corner of wood sticks out past the cover a bit. I think them not rounding the wood frame is huge non starter for me. but again, for $35 better than most out there.
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    Glen, what is the name of the liner you chose?
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    see my note at top about rounded corners...
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    indy adventure - like a light tan

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