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Trillian or BeejiveIm?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by guklein, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Which is the best?
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    BeejiveIM! :)
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    Personally, I like Beejive. My wife has trillian, and one thing I didn't like was the lack of landscape mode.
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    Beejive works like a charm.
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    Tried both and personally prefer BeeJive :)
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    Trillian is still missing several features that Beejive has. Definitely go with Beejive.
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    I use the free versian of ebuddy. don't see anything beating it.
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    As I can see...unanimous...Beejive!

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    I know it was already declared unanimous, but I would like to add my vote for BeejiveIM. I would also like to add that the folks at Trillian have an incredibly lengthy development cycle. TrillianAstra was in beta forever...
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    Does anybody use AIM or anything like that any more? I'd love to chat like that with friends, but it seems that Facebook is a lot more convenient for most of them.
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    Def BeeJive, great app, use on my Blackberry and iPhone. Facebook is a lot more convenient for most and BeeJive allows you to connect to it easily as well as all your other IM clouds.

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