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Trouble with HDHomerun

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by downingp, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. downingp, Dec 5, 2011
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    Well as a last step to my ultimate HTPC, I ordered and received the HDHomerun which I planned on using with an OTA antenna and mac mini. I was all excited to get it up and running and then the excitement quickly ended. For some reason, I can not get a consistent picture despite constant sound from the TV show. It seems as soon as I change a channel or watch a particular show for a short period of time, I will get a blue screen saying "no signal available". When I look in the options at the signal STRENGH it says 100%. It seems like the HDHomerun is dropping the signal because when I look at the signal QUALITY both tuners (0 and 1) show around 80% and then when I get the "no signal is available" error one of the tuners shows 0% while the other remains around 80%. BTW I have a completely wired connection between the HDHomerun, Airport Extreme and Mac.
    Has anyone else run into this problem and have found a remedy.
    Prior to setting up the HDHomerun, I was a running the same OTA antenna into a TiVo and was getting crystal clear reception with none of the above problems.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Over 500 views and not a single response? Does that mean this shouldn't be happening and maybe there is a problem with the HDHomerun?
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    Most likely the tuner quality in the HDHR is not as good as the one in the Tivo. The integrated tuner in my television only picks up about 1/2 the channels that my external tuner connected to the same antenna does. I think the only solution is to readjust the antenna to attempt to get the signal quality to improve. Obviously you should also check your connecters and splitters to make sure they're good as well.
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    Do you think the HD Hybrid would be a better tuner than the HDHomerun?
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    There doesn't seem to be a difference in the signal strength or quality between my Hybrid and HDHR according to EyeTV's measurement tool, so they're probably roughly the same (they may in fact be exactly the same).
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    I have an EyeTV Hybrid and the older model HDHomeRun (requires 2 antenna inputs instead on one). I generally get better signal quality and consistency from the HDHomeRun, but I think that is due more to the Hybrid being on a longer run of RG6 from the Antenna.

    In my experience the HDHomeRun has been rock solid. You might possibly have a bad unit. There are environmental factors that could give you intermittent signal drops, but if nothing has changed in your antenna setup since you had good results with your TiVo, that seem unlikely.

    I would try replacing the HDHomeRun. The fact that it can get a good signal then drops to zero seems like a defect. If your signal quality was just always low, you could try a powered booster to increase the signal joing into the HDHomeRun.
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    I do have the HDHomerun connected to a Cat5e cable that is about 25 ft long. Could that affect the signal quality?
    As stated earlier, I have absolutely no problems running the HDHomerun through my cable provider. The problem with cable though is that I don't get all of my local channels in HD like I am with the OTA antenna.
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    Sorry, I didn't see anything about using a cable vs. OTA. If the HDHomeRun is working fine with your CableTV input, that certainly seems to point to a problem in your OTA Antenna and it's cable run.

    My signal quality does fluctuate a bit, but it is from some like 90 - 98 %.

    some possibilities:
    obstructions of the antenna (tree limbs + wind = intermittent signal)
    very long cable runs ( my longest is maybe 40 ft )
    RG59 vs. RG6 cable (With the RG59 originally installed in my home, I got no signal at all)
    Poor connections at any cable splices or terminations

    Is there any way that you can (temporarily) connect the HDHomeRun more or less directly to the antenna, with a short RG6 cable?
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    Once I get my mac mini (Christmas), I will be able to plug the HDHomerun directly into it. I would plug the HDHomerun directly into my iMac, but that computer lives in the basement and my antenna doesn't work all that great down there.
    Prior, to getting the HDHomerun, I had my OTA antenna plugged into a TiVo and got perfect, crystal clear reception on all of my channels with a signal strenth averaging 90-95%.
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    HDHomeRun is a network device, you should plug it into a router, not directly into the computer. The network side of the system is unlikely to be causing a problem if it is all ethernet. Even if the iMac were wireless, it would be unlikely to cause a problem.

    If you were losing the device on the network, you wouldn't see a drop in signal quality in EyeTV, you would see the device disappear completely.

    Perhaps TiVo works some magic to improve it's signal. Your results really sound like there is something wrong on the Antenna side of the device.
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    I have gone through numerous scenarios and configurations, switching between cable and OTA with the HDHomerun. I think I have been able to pinpoint that the problem is arising from one OTA local channel in particular. I don't know if its a coincidence or not, but whenever I switch to channel 4-1, I lose the picture and the antenna signal drops to zero. I don't seem to have this problem, however with cable and the HDHomerun and also with the OTA antenna and TiVo. The Elgato technical support doesn't seem to but much help either
    So this is what I was thinking and let me know if this would work. What if I bought another EyeTV (I was thinking an EyeTV One) so I could hook that up to my OTA antenna and keep the HDHomerun hooked up to my cable provider. I would think if I had both hooked up I would have the best of both worlds. I could essentially record 3 shows at once if I wanted and have access to all of my local channels in HD either through OTA or cable. What do you think?
    Would I be able to "merge" the two devices (channels for OTA and cable) and access them through the mac mini?
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    Not with EyeTV. This scenario is exactly why they say multi-tuner is unsupported, the software isn't smart enough to assign different channel lineups to different tuners. You have to have all your tuners access the same channel lineup for multi-tuner functionality to work.
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    I hate to say it but the lack of multi tuner support was a showstopper for using Elgato EyeTV3 as an OTA DVR. I wound up using Windows 7 which also had the added bonus of using XBOX 360s' as extenders.
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    Out of all the steps in creating a decent HTPC with a mac mini, I was thinking EyeTV with the HDHomerun or Hybrid was going to be the most straight forward and easy to set up.
    This has become quite the hassle. I may just return the HDHomerun and get an EyeTV One which is only $50 on amazon right now and see if that would potentially work better. I am only having problems with one local channel OTA and I can get the channel to show up if I restart EyeTv. So for $50 it will at least be somewhat functional.

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