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Trouble with webcam cache

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by joecool85, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I set up a driveway webcam, http://webcam.thatraymond.com

    The issue is that, in Safari, it won't reload a new updated image, it just keeps reloading the old one out of the cache. I know because if I manually empty the cache it works (once) on it's own. The page loads fine in IE6 and 7 on PCs, and FireFox on both PC and Mac. It seems to be just an issue with Safari. Any ideas?
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    Well, while that might work, I was hoping I could find a solution so that anyone coming onto the page would be able to view it properly rather than make them download something for their browser to make it compliant with my site. I hadn't mentioned, but its not just for me to look at. My landlord was pretty interested when I told him about it, so I want to make sure it will load on his machine.

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