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True macheads have good cable management

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by jonjamesm, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Post your tidy cables - or post your shamefull nasties!

    I bet we get more bad than good!
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    Picture threads always start off nicer if someone posts a picture.

    Post yours, OCD man.
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    no kidding. op needs to set an example for his thread lol

    my cables are messy. i have no shame in that
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    Am away from home at the mo, but I can assure you I have 1 cable visible under my desk - the rest are taped to the underside... in the meatime...
    please view my nightmare

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    Nice and tidy :)

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    Here is my cable mess. Here is my server, the cables have never been this neat

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    Wow... I have my macbook connected to my 24" display, so you think it would be pretty tidy, but it's ugly! Don' even get me started on the three UPS units under the desk with the "wireless" router, voip phone router, 3 external drives, external burner etc... etc... etc...

    Gosh! that new setup with the mini display port for the Macbooks is looking good right now. At least I have a wireless keyboard and mouse to help simplify the desktop.

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    Here's mine....all that for one Macbook Pro and a Cinema Display!!!

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    well, i don't have a pic, but cable management is something i've always struggled with.

    i think there is a fine line b/n being a messy putz and one how tries to keep cables managed well. In the end, for me, I have 5 macs, multiple transfer devices (VCRs, minidv, digital8 camcorders, lp and cassette player), 7 externals, 1 esata storage unit and 2 monitors, plus a switch and a partridge in a pear tree in one small area. oh and 2 printers (although i'm trying to fix the samsung so it's wireless through my aebs).

    I have labels on most items and for identical externals, I only use 1 set of cables. i also try to use the least amount of usb or FW cables as I need by switching them b/n externals as required. i sacrifice a few seconds of time to make the switch instead of more cables hanging about.

    It's not a total disaster, but certainly not as clean as I'd like. I won't be able to post pics for a week or so, but I'll see if i remember. :)

    My goal in early January is to take a day or 2 and reconfigure the office, but I really need to think about how I do that :)

    happy cabling,
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    I don't have a current shot showing the lack of cables, but you can get the idea from this.


    All the cables from my stuff are hidden behind a board underneath the desk. There are two power strips and everything is plugged into those and tied up so that nothing dangles down.

    It takes time but is worth it for me.
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    Im calling BS on that pic being the OP's.
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    I'm sure he's kidding. I've seen that network room pic make the rounds on the internet many many times.
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    I never said that was my cable mess! - I'm a true machead you see. Nice and Tidy. (ish - I can unplug everything and take it away with minimal hassle)

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    I could tidy it up a bit.
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    ^^ methinks you want '[' brackets instead of '<' brackets.
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    Already posted on another thread...
    anyway, this is my cable arrangement. NCOTF (NoCableOnTheFloor) version. :p




    General view:

    A lot of work, but I'm paranoid about cables... :D

    Ciao! :)
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    My god that is beautiful.
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    I... I... I, think I love you!

    I would post pictures of my setup, but it's really awkward to show, basically, I have a 7 USB port hub on the underside of my desk, that connects everything up to my iMac, although when at uni, it's a sprawl of cables connecting to a hub, connecting to my MBP :p
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    How is this possible so neat so envious
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    BTW I'm etero... :D
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    The internet is a series of tubes!

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