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Try on Gap jeans, get free iTunes song

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 28, 2005.

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    my gf is gonna love this.
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    HELL NO!

    The Gap and Old Navy can lick my sweaty nuts. Its like "Try out Windows and get a free iTunes song"... those stores are for the followers.. the sheep out there. And, thier commercials make me want to commit suicide.
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    If I try on a pair of Nikes, can I get a free song, too? :rolleyes:

    Do they think people will actually try on a pair of jeans just to get a 99-cent song? Then again, you never know...I wouldn't be surprised if someone spent $2.00 or more in gas money just try drive out to the mall and get their 99-cent song!

    I assume you can only get one free song, otherwise people would try on the entire stock so they can get hundreds of free songs. That I could understand I suppose.
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    Yes there are people who WILL go out of their way to get something "free," even if logic would tell them that the gas price outweighs the value of that song. They will even rationalize the trip, "Well, I've been meaning to check out that sale at _________ so I might as well try on some jeans at Gap." But this isn't really just for Apple-- Gap is winning, too; chances are really high that the person will see something they like and get it.

    *I like Sarah Jessica Parker's commercial w/ Lenny Kravitz. :D
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    Well, of course. BUT: what do they make you want WEAR while you commit suicide?

    See? The ads WORK :p

    Anyway, I'd gladly pay MORE than .99 to NOT have to try on clothes :)
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    rearrange my schedule, drive to the mall and stand on that filthy fitting room floor?.....All for a 99c song? ....Don't think so.
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    Or it could be that Old Navy has dirt cheap prices on a lot of their clothes and not everyone believes in spending $45 for a shirt. Stuff from that store is basically Gap clothes that couldn't get sold at Gap so they're selling it at a more reasonable price. :D

    Lords knows you could go cheaper by digging into that 80's bin of clothes.
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    hmm..gap is crazily expensive here (especially for what it is)..

    but i was recently in the states/canada..and you guys have it good..it's so cheap!
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    I worked at Gap for awhile... many a year ago-- lemme tell ya, the quality isn't fantastic but it's only expensive if you pay the full price. Meaning, wait 2-3 weeks and everything goes crazy on sale.

    I've gotten pants for $6. I've gotten sweaters and cardigans for $10. T-shirts for $2;)
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    Old Navy's clothes are not Gap's clothes re-tagged.. that's what the Gap Outlets are... Old navy's clothes are more cheaply manufactured so no, nobody is crazy when they feel like the quality is worse-- it is. Likewise, Banana Republic's clothes are manufactured w/ better quality than Gap and costs more-- but they are all technically The Gap. But you can also find awsome deals @ Banana if you wait and browse.
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    Just got a sweater for $5.

    Best place to go is the Gap Clearance Center (there's one in Lancaster, PA, along with all the Amish :p) - it's like sub-outlet pricing. I've gotten two pairs of Banana Republic dress shoes and a pair of their sneakers for $16 each when they were normally close to $100 to start with. I love being a cheapskate!
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    I hate to go shopping for clothes, just don't have many choices. This sounds like a good reason to go out. My problem would be how to politely not purchase the pair.
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    "It doesn't fit well." If the sales associate asks or looks like they're about to ask you something, proceed to back away while saying, "I've tried the different cuts and styles in different sizes, sorry, guess I'm built funny." :D
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    Sad, but your last comment rings very true for me. I have large hips, it's my pelvis and not fat. My inseam is 40 - 42 depending.

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