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Trying to add H.264 video to ipod 5g

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mashinhead, Dec 29, 2005.

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    I'm trying to add a video to the ipod. I went into preferences and the video box options are greyed out? any ideas.

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    click update all videos if you want all movies music videos and video podcasts to be added to your ipod, the other option to select add only the videos from the checked playlists.
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    I've tried it manually i've tried it automatically it will not add the file. It is an mpeg4, AAC audio, H.264 file. It plays in iTunes I just want to add it to the ipod to see if it plays on the ipod. Maybe its too big, it is 700x400
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    yah, its too big of a screen resolution. you should find a video converter for mac like quicktime pro.
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    resolution limits for h.264 is 320x240 or 76,800 pixels. if you want to go bigger use mp4 which has a limit of 230,400 pixels. your current size of 700x400 will need to be reduced down a bit seeing that it now equals 280,000.
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    If music is set to Update Automatically, videos will also be Update Automatically. To manually manage videos, you need to manually manage music as well.
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    A useful app you might want to try if you need to convert videos to iPod-friendly format is iSquint. I highly recommend it. :cool:

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