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Trying to help out a friend

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by SocratesGS, Jul 30, 2004.

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    Hey Gang,

    I'm trying to help out a friend who's DVD Rom drive died in their MAC. Are all Internal IDE drved compatible? Is there something I should look out for? They don't have a lot of resources and were hoping to get an inexpesive DVD drive. I can get a hold of a multitude of DVD drives for $20 to $225 for them, but I don't want to get one that won't work. Socan anyone enlighten me on this? IS is OS dependent, hardware dependent, or both? Thanks in advanced for your help!
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    Duff-Man says....with out knowing all the specifics of the Mac you are talking about the only answers you'll get are gpoing to be general ones. So, in general, for a straight dvd-only drive, any IDE will probably work. What I might suggest though, is getting more info of the make/model of the Mac and the make/model of the DVD drives you are looking at and then do a quick check at xlr8yourmac's database where you can see what has worked best for others that have installed different drives.....oh yeah!
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    Keep in mind that cheap drives probably use plastic parts and will break-down much easier/faster. I would suggest just getting this. It's a DVD burner that is the same kind that Apple uses so it works with iLife for only $99. If I had a tower instead of a laptop, I'd get it tonight!
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    My friends just dropped off their MAC (actually it's an iMac with OS 8.6). I cracked it open and there is no way an IDE DVD drive can be used. So my next question is: Where canI get a replacement DVD drive for an iMac? Could I put together an external USB drive?
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    so you mean the CRT iMac... because the TFT uses 'normal' ide drives...

    for the CRT iMac I'm not sure... mmm its IDE allso... but they used laptop-type drives I guess... if it has FireWire connections: buy a LaCie D2 or Porsche Design drive with FireWire... works fine, no need to dissasemble the mac... and you're 100% sure it is compatible ;-)

    <Edit: another Idea... wich is not so eastethical but cheaper...

    I'm sure its IDE... and since you craked the iMac open allready... get a longer IDE cable, get a powercord extensioncable, find a way to take the connectors outside the shell and connect a normal 'internal' drive there... you can make a plastic box to put around it so it looks a bit nicer... but I think this is the cheapest way to do it... or you have to find the iMac Drive on eBay or so... >
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    i know there is some difference i believe the slot loading imac cable is smaller than regular and the older imacs are standard ide
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    Thanks for all the help guys,

    I only looked "skin deep" into the iMac. What I first saw was the video connector :eek: , not the IDE connector. I actually remove the "guts" from the iMac and saw that Jo-Kun was right, they are laptop drives in the A & B series iMacs. It's tray loading, so I think I could swap it out for an iBook DVD drive. Does anyone know if that's been done? I'm also wondering about how to go about getting a DVD player for the iMac because it's an 8.6 OS.
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    as they say on: http://www.welovemacs.com/imacemacdrives.html

    "DVD capability is not possible on tray loading iMacs!"

    so you won't get it I guess... but I might be wrong... and I think you can upgrade to OS9.2.2 by getting the updates on apples site... and give it a try...

    and abuot adding the iBook drive: I think it can work... but you need to remove the front of the tray I guess because that won't fit.

    and you will see the difference in 'look' but thats not prior to having a drive that works ;-)

    or go for the slot-loading cd-rw drive mctech delivers... you won't get DVD but you will be able to write cd's...

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