Trying To Use ZOOM H2 As USB Mic With iPAD 2

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by StevieB, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I have a question regarding using the ZOOM H2 as a USB Mic into the iPad 2.

    When connecting the H2 to my iPad 2 via the Camera Connection Kit I get the message that “CANNOT USE DEVICE . . . the connected USB device draws too much power" . . . even though I run the H2 on its own power supply.

    I've tried connecting two different ways:

    (1) H2 powered off > connect USB cable to powered on iPAD 2 with Garageband open.

    (2) H2 powered off > connected via USB cable to powered on iPAD 2 with Garageband open. I then power up the H2 and use sub-menu in H2 to connect via USB (to iPAD 2).

    Both methods yield same 'draws too much power" message on the iPAD 2.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Try this:

    1.) Power the H2 on FIRST with it's own power supply, before plugging the USB into the iPad.

    2.) Leave GarageBand completely closed, quit the application not just switch apps.

    3.) Once the H2 is completely powered on, switch it the USB mode.

    4.) Now try plugging it into the iPad and see if you still get the "too much power" message.

    5.) Even if you do get the message, dismiss it and open GarageBand to test if the Zoom is working.
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    I believe the only way is to use a powered USB hub - which negates the iPad power screen.
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    Thanks I will give that a try.
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    Yes I've read that as well . . . Thanks.
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    I just gave this start-up method a couple of tries, but it did not work. Thanks anyway HoldernessMedia
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    Sorry that didn't work out. Have you tried using a powered hub as Papanate suggested?
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    Not yet, will probably try it at some point. Thanks!
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    Using Zom H2 USB with iPad

    I can report that using the H2 with a powered hub works beautifully with the iPad through the camera connection dongle. Insert the hub's USB out, into the dongle and connect the H2 (mini USB) to the hub. Set the H2 menu to USB>audio I/F>connect, and you'll be able to record in stereo using the Fire Field Recorder app (Blue Fire probably works also, and it's free). Set the Zoom mic for high sensitivity, rec level about 50 and kick the gain on Fire up a bit as well. Here's an added bonus, because the USB connection is in/out you can monitor while recording AND during playback via the line out (earphone) jack on the Zoom, using the volume control on the side. Sounds great, too.
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    Great info Jeff1326. Do you know if this set-up will work directly with Garage Band or only with the recording apps you mention here?
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    delayed question/response

    so i have both Zoom H2 and Zoom Q3HD and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using either to record (just the audio) via a lightning to usb (camera kit) cable (

    ALSO can i use this same cable to hook up any midi keyboard (all of which i would like to use in garageband)

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