Turning Apple TV off?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MicroApple, Oct 3, 2010.

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    God I feel like an idiot, but how do you turn this thing off? Is it meant to stay on all the time, I don't see a power button anywhere, and I'd rather not have to unplug it.

    Also when I use my Apple TV remote my Mac starts going crazy, how do I unpair it from my Mac.
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    I dont think you do turn it off.

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    Press and hold the 'play' button while on the main menu page.
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    There is a sleep now option under settings and also you can hold down the center button on the remote until it shuts off
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    I think there has always been a sleep option hasn't there... its just to cumbersome to navigate to it! :)
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    I'm glad you asked.
    I was wondering that myself!
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    I was thinking the same thing. I found the option to turn off IR under system preferences -> security -> under general (last option, at least for SL)
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    Sleep now as in "Sleep Now." Yes that option was always there from start. Also holding down play button doesn't turn off, it' the center button on the directional buttons.
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    Alright got it everyone, thanks, now anyone know a guide to pair the Remote.app to the TV i cant get it to work...
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    Do you ever read the manual?:D Turn on home sharing for both TV and idevice and make sure on same network. It should do the rest.
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    Too excited, probably a good idea though.
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    Here you go...

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    My Harmony One remote somehow puts it to sleep even though I don't see a sleep command on the button list.
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    My Harmony One is somehow setting it to 480p when I change to my "Use Apple TV" activity, so I only see a quarter of the display..?? I think it's treating it as an old style Apple TV and sending the wrong command.. What settings did you use for yours? Cheers.
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    Depends on which remote you are using... I have the white remote, not the aluminium remote....
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    I let the Logitech website handle the remote settings. I did not see any video output settings on the ATV2 menu. My Onkyo is getting a 720P signal. Your 480P may be a result of a setting on your receiver or display.
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    Same here. Kind of a nice bonus though lol.
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    course, keepin it on keeps you logged in to everything. that alone is worth leaving it on for me
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    Yeah leave it on...the new Apple TV only pulls 6 watts of power right?

    leave it on!
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    I've read about 2.5W under load, and less than that when idle. I haven't hooked up my Kill-a-watt to verify yet, though.
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    Fixed it.. re-added the device and it seems to be ok now. Incidentally it was the Logitech website that caused the problem.. Was sending a "start FrontRow" command before, despite having selected Apple TV.. not sure if that was screwing it up. Strange.

    Anyways - all working perfectly now though :)
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    6 Watts is the max it can ever pull because that is the rating of the power supply. It has been tested that while playing Netflix videos it uses less than 2 watts. When they put it to sleep, it used so little power they couldn't even register a reading with a Kill A Watt meter.

    To put this in perspective, cable/satellite DVRs use approximately 30 watts when "sleeping".
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    That's quite incredible.

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