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Turning new iMac into a BaseStation

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by elliotay, Aug 20, 2002.

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    I just recently purchased the new 17" iMac and was wondering if it's possible to turn it into an Airport BaseStation. I have an 500 mHz iBook and would very much like to be able to use the wireless capabilities of it. Does anyone know how to do this on the new iMac or even know if it's possible to do this? Thanks.
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    I think you can do this in JAg, but I don't know how, first you have to have airport cards, of course. I don't know if its going to be just file sharing airport or internet sharing or what. I wonder about the range too. I would think it would be fine with two macs and a small space, though.
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    pretty origional idea, but im pretty sure that u need an airport basestation. you could use ur imac as the host computer, tho.
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    on apple.com, for jaguar, it says "Auto-configure AirPort and use your Mac as a base station." I have jag though and I haven't been able to figure this out either...?
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    You used to in OS9 be able to configure your comp as a base station and I dont really see that option available in OSX but what I think you can do is this:

    Open internet connect turn airport on and where it says network choose create network. Name it and give it a password. This creates a computer to computer network and you should (I say should cause I dont have 2 macs here with airport cards) be able to open up your ibook and it will see the computer to computer network. What I dont know is if it will assign you and ip and let you use the internet. Try it and let us know
  6. Gus
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    Um, yeah you can

    Well, if you don't have, or don't want to get Jaguar, you can boot the iMac into OS 9, and run Software Base Station from the iMac, and your iBook will pick it up just fine. As was stated before though, you obviously need to have Airport cards installed on both machines. Not sure about Jaguar, as I don't have mine yet. It IS listed in the features of OS X Jaguar, but like I said, I don't have it yet to play with it.

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    i know you can share data between 2 comps without the basestation as long as they both have Airport cards. not sure about sharing the connection though. perhaps when Rendesvous comes out because i believe it allows you to run apps from another machine. maybe it will let you run a borwser. cool idea though.
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    Just read the last post

    I don't think it will let you use the other macs internet connection through Computer to Computer. There MAY be a way around it, but I've tried this, and all it does is allow me to share files wirelessly with the other mac.

    Just my 2¢

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    apple is coming out with "Software Airport Base Station" presumably with or after the release f jaguar. Basically all you will need is an airport equipped mac wired to the internet. The physically wired computer can then share the internet via the airport card and software airport. soon....but not soon enough...
  10. Gus
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    Re: Uh-Oh

    if you have gobs of money to have a minimum of two macs with wireless cards then dial-up should be out of the question for you already...c'mon it's 2002 stop it with the modems your slowing everyone else down.
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    My existing iBook has an Airport Card and my new iMac is coming equipped w/ one. I can't test it out w/ Jaguar yet because I don't have my iMac yet. I'm sending it up to school and it should be there right around when I get there in about a week. So I'll post about my progress once I get up there and get my new iMac all set up. Thanks for all the help.
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    i found out how to do this tonight and its really easy... if you go into the sharing preference panel (in jaguar) there is a tab that says internet which allows you to share your internet connection... then there are other options that allow you to share your connection over airport that let you change the network name, password, etc... so basically the os 9 version of software base station is built into the sharing preferences.

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    interesting read. does this mean, 2 ibooks (for example) with airportcards installed, can communicate without a base station? have you tested this?
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    The Connection Sharing in Jaguar works basically the same way as Software Base Station in OS 9, meaning that the answer to your question is yes. Even cooler is Jaguar's ability to share an Airport connection as well as an ethernet or modem connection. For instance, I was at work and was unable to find a network drop to plug in a G4 933 with no Airport card. I solved the problem by connecting the G4's NIC to my iBook's NIC and using the iBook as an Airport to Ethernet bridge. This was all done using Jaguar's built-in router.

    Way cool.:D
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    i guess you connected the g4 nic with the ibook nic with a crossover cable right?

    i would love to know how everything was configured.

    does jaguar do everything automatically?
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    macs do auto sensing so they see that they are connected to another computer and change automagically the port to cross over type
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    I have a powerbook g4 and my girlfriend has the new iMac. Ive done the software basestation using the imac as the server. Its really easy. My laptop is wireless right now. If anyone still wants to know how to do this please feel free to holler at me. rock!
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    i am new to this "software base station". does the g4 need to have an airport card installed?

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