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TV Ad to look at

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by bidge, Sep 1, 2002.

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    I'm working on this ad with my friends, I'm doing the technical side of things. I don't really think that it currently makes a lot of sense and would like any suggestions to be fired back on the boards, or if your'e just browsing macrumors and don't have an account rbijl@mac.com

    The movie is in MPEG-4 and is about 1.1MB, you can get it here

    Any ideas or comments are all appreciated

    Thanks a Lot
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    Mr. Anderson

    not bad, but the text is a little unclear and not too crisp - and its not a matter of the mp4 compression. When you get a new version, post the link
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    I dont know if its my monitor (which is not calibrated and getting on 6 years old) but the color seemed off. Maybe some color correction?

    Also the text is hard to read as D-Dawg pointed out. Keep up the good work.
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    I'll fix up the text as soon as my exams are over, it might take a bit more playing to get just right.

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    Eh...not bad....it looks like a PSA that would be on the local public access channel
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    Apple Free Play

    Is that Apple's FreePlay Music I detect?!?! Nicely done. I really like the use of fast and slow motion. Did you use FCP??

    Blue Monday!!!
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    It is Apple's free play music, and yes I did make it on Final Cut Pro at school.
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    Royal Pineapple

    except that his "joint" never lit and the text is a bit off i like it
    and it was a little bit bigger then 600k it came out arround 1.1mb;)
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    This was one of the better takes (the joint getting lit), should I rotoscope it and make it look slightly more like it has been lit, or does it serve its purpose. In some of the others it took ages to get lit, it was very cold, the actors were freezing as they only had white school shirts on.
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    I've got the ad changed, Really want to know what you think especially about what you think the ad is about and what you think of the flashback at the end.

    Get it here!!!

    Thanks a lot for all your previous help really nice for you to have another look and be really critical.

    New file size is still MPEG-4 and is now 1.2MB.
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    I've completely finished it now, and I have sent it in to the competition, I'll tell you if they like it.
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    Just a few notes (I'm assuming you did the editing only, so that's what I'll talk about):

    First, it seems as though you've tried to squeeze too much into thirty seconds. There are a number of things that only appear for a frame or two that should be shown longer, i.e. the joint on the ground, the Dead-end sign, and the various "graffiti" texts that pop up.

    About those graffiti, it is not acknowledged by any audio or anything. I would have put in a musical or sound effect sting just to punctuate them a little bit, like maybe a single resounding drum beat each time.

    The text at the end: why did you use Lucida Grande (i think) of all fonts? It's legible, but it just doesn't suit the theme of the ad. Maybe using a similar design to the other text that appears would be better. Also it is very fuzzy for some reason. And "dead-end" shouldn't be capatalized (but I'm just being pedantic)

    The ending is a bit anticlimactic, really. Going back to the starting clip doesn't really do anything much.

    Very nice camera use (or it could be post-production fast motion), notably at the beginning with the camera swooping around him, and when the others run away. Did you alter the colours at the end (when he mutters that incomprehensible phrase)? It seems that way. Works well. The music suits the tone of the ad, although is a bit overpowering at times.

    Of course, I would have done it differently anyway, so I can't criticize *that* much.
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    The Ad Awards TV program is on in New Zealand on Channel 1 on the 23rd of October. They are going to annouce five finalists and a winner then, so wish me luck.

    Thanks a lot, i will keep the link there for anyone wanting to see it.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Good luck - and let us know if you get nominated and post a link if they have a site.

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