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TV on My Mac?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by XnavxeMiyyep, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Is there any way I could just get my local network television stations(Fox, UPN, NBC, etc.) on my Mac for free?
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    Unless those stations have some sort of online streaming section...
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    I'm not from the US, so I'm not familiar with the TV system over there, but I think you can get a USB/FireWire TV tuner, where you plug your coaxial input in one end, and plug the other end into your Mac, open up some TV viewing software (which would probably be included with the tuner), and watch TV. I used to do this with my PC anyway (using an internal tuner).
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    does that viewsonic thing work with imac flat pannel 17 inch widescreen display and display television smoothly and clearly unpixelated-like in other words does it look like plasma?
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    Oh I can't wait until the BBC gets their stuff online. If I get to see streaming Monty Python on my computer for free, I'm gonna be soooo happy!
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    I think the content is gonna be limited...ie most likely no Monty Python or Doctor Who. Man, I was psyched when I first heard about that...but oh well. Time to spend some money on dvds.
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    The ViewSonic will not work with the iMac at all.

    Your best be would be the EyeTV and an antenna to recieve the local stations.
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    yeah but the quality on those flat panel imacs for tv viewing is not good nothing like a real tv
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    Why dosen't the EyeTV have a Firewire conection? Seems like the USB would be a bottleneck for streaming video at high quality settings.
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    Real t.v. isn't all that good. It's just that the circuitry is so pathetic that you don't see the flaws in the broadcast. What's the horizontal resolution? Is it 252 lines wide for NTSC? Compare that too 1024 lines wide on your monitor. If you want to view t.v. on a monitor full-screen, it's not going to look nice. There's no interpolation (filling in pixels programmatically) that's going to make it look nice.
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    Don't know about NTSC, but PAL is 625 lines tall, which is close-ish to the 768 you get on the computer screen.
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