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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Shorties, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Anyone know if the iPod classic allows video out, out of the iPod Headphone port like the 5Gen iPods. I saw they have new kinds of cables that plug into the dock connector and I don't want to have to order one if I don't need it. (I currently have a AV cable for my 5Gen iPod) Does anyone know? I am ordering one tomorrow at 7AM (Waiting for my hold on my bank account to lift) And I need to know if I need to buy new cables. Also did they add a on screen menu to the TV out now?
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    there are component and composite cables available on apple's website that connect to the bottom of the ipod classic and ipod touch for video out capability
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    The original video cables seem to be listed as an accessory as well. The new one with the dock connector is only for the new iPods and allows for component, where as the headphone jack allows for composite...

    My question is that all these new iPods on the dock I can assume that the S-Video will work as well?
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    You sure? that says iPod photo and iPod with Video only
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    But Steve said that these iPods fit into the current iPod environment so I would imagine the video cable and dock will work with them as well.

    You can only use the new component cables with the new iPods. What's a person who buys the new iPods going to do if they want to just hook it up to an older set?
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    No you can buy composite ones too, they connect to the dock connector in the same fashion that the component ones do. Which is why I am wondering if the ones that connect through the iPod headphones jack is incompatible with the new iPod classic.
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    Wow why the heck didn't I think of that. I called them, and they weren't too sure either but from what I understand they were saying that these 2 cables (The component and composite cables) are the only ones compatible with the classic. Considering they don't ship the cables for another 3 weeks and I am ordering my classic in less then 11 hours I will find out first hand and then decide if I need them. (Plus I always have my 30GB 5TH Gen that I can use as a player for the TV when needed so I might not need the cables for the TV anyway). Anyway when I get it I will report back here with the results unless someone else can first.

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