TV Shows now in ATV2 Australia!!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by No More Windows, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I was really p155ed when I bought an ATV2 and found out that TV shows were not supported on the device even though they were available for Australian iTunes account holders on PC or Mac. I believe that you were able to purchase content on your Mac and stream to ATV2, but on the device there was never even a menu for TV shows like the US version. One of the reasons I bought ATV2 was the availability of TV shows, in particular, TV show rentals. Sadly the TV show rental model appears to be gone in all countries, but this morning I turned on my ATV2 and low and behold there was a new menu for TV Shows!! At least now I'll be able to stream new TV directly through the device without the need for an PC or Mac to be on.
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    Just arrived in Canada today too!
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    Yep, I'm lovin' it! Now bring on Netflix :D
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    And in the uk as well, wonder if we will get redownloading of purchased shows before Christmas as well?
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    doesn't seem to be doing much for me at the moment.
    the menu has appeared but selecting "top tv shows" or "genres" gives a "your request could not be completed" message.

    selecting any of the tv shows listed in the carousel, i only get preview options (same if i manually search for any tv show that have i have purchased).

    in "tv networks", the only network currently listed is "aardman studios".
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    Same here. I'm hoping to be able to stream purchases, it will make my daughter very happy if we can.
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    Yep me too, on further inspection I only got preview options for TV shows, no option to buy/rent but yesterday the TV menu vanished altogether again. I knew it was too good to be true... Apple must be messin with my head :p Bad :apple: Bad :apple:
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    Looks like Apples screwing everybody over, the tv store has vanished from my UK ATV1. Nice, thanks Apple.
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    Noticed mine did also!
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    My ATV appeared to lock up and after a reset I now have TV Shows! (Australia).
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    Same in Canada! Looks like this was related to the launch of iTunes Match

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