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TV Tuner Question

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Whotheheck, Jun 1, 2004.

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    I'd like to be able to watch TV and, most importantly, record TV shows onto my hard drive. What's the easiest/cheapest way to do this? I don't need professional quality stuff here.. it's just for leisure.
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    alchemy tv tuner pci cards, el gato usb & firewire, formac dvr firewire.
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    Do you have any experience with these cards? More importantly, did you have a good experience? :)
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    They are all pretty expensive compared to PC market equivelents...
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    tuner of the alchemy tv dvr card

    everything works ok. I believe I am getting interference on the tuner mode. is there any way to eliminate this interference. I get no interference with the formac tuner. so I guess the interference is coming from the computer (dual 2ghz G5). otherwise the software is satisfactory except the modal behavior of the software. It's not very mac like. and it takes a while for the application to go from one mode to the other.

    and where's the button that allows me to start a new thread in these forums?
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    I use an EyeTV 200 by el gato. Works fine.
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    I'm looking at the eyeTV Wonder for it's low latency feature. Have anyone reviewed it yet? Or received it yet? I really want to know if their advertising is true thatyou can actually play a game console on it.
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    It's funny you should ask, as I've got a Miglia Alchemy TV PCI card up for sale in the Marketplace and Classifieds forum. It works pretty well. You can't schedule recordings with this version (the Alchemy DVR does that) although I think the cards are the same, it's the software that's different. And if you really wanted to, you can upgrade the software. In any event, it's kinda nice to have it in the case, and not have an extra box around. It will take a cable in, plus SVideo and composite video, and stereo audio inputs as well. You can vary the window size (1X, 2X, or full screen), and if you minimize it you can actually watch it in the Dock. You've also got lots of control as to how things get recorded. Anyway, if you're interested check out the Classified section, and if you have any questions you can send me a private message. Good luck.


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