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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by adamfilip, Aug 17, 2003.

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    once i get my g5 i want to be able to view tv like i do now via my all in wonder on my pc.

    what is the best product for the mac for tv watching?
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    well i have heard cool things about this one. it goes in the pci slot as opposed to the usb slot, so i am betting its better. only thing i like about eye tv is that you can use watson as a timed vcr and its awesome. but i would rather have better video quality.

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    There's also another one on the market made by Formac, its expensive but it also doubles as a A/D converter and captures in DV format as opposed to MPEG-1/2 by EyeTV and the PCI card respectively.
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    yeah watson has such an awesome tv section. i find my favorite show, i click add to ical. then in ical i tell it to remind me 5 minutes before every week it comes on. then i sync it to my t68i. so if im at my computer or my phone it will tell me when my shows come on. also you can click the eye tv button and it will open eye tv and start recording to the hard drive at that time.

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    Les Kern

    I just bought the Formac Studio TVR, and it's just about perfect. No, it is perfect. It's works across Firewire, the interface is incredibly easy, it exports digital... well, read the specs at
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    but really quite expensive
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    Since that TVR device from Formac converts to digital, would this make the TV display clear and smooth on a flat panel imac?
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    pcix not compatable with most pci cards

    as alot of high end folks in video and audio are finding out ie protools motu and most other pci cards will not work in pcix slots many like digidesign and motu are offering tradeups tp newer pcix compatable cards and firewire cards so make sure it can work first
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    I do have Televio, the hardware is very good (TV Quality), software could need some improvements.
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    Les Kern

    You're absolutely right there. I have seen it for just under 300.... You get what you pay for there, though some might not think 300 on TV is worth it to begin with. I have several FW drives, so I just catalogue shows and watch them when I want... If you already have good cable youll never need Tivo... and what does that cost?
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    Les Kern

    I dumped my 17 Apple flat and went with more real estate with a 21" Sony CRT, so I'd only be guessing. It does stand to reason, maybe. One thing I did notice... blasting to full-screen on a 21" makes it a bit pixellated, even on best quality. When saving as a DV to the hard drive that carries over. Best playback is "large", which is pretty big, maybe half the monitor at 1600 dpi. Clear and sharp... or as good as your cable signal. My channel 7 sucks for some reason.
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    anyone have a used or refurbished they wanna sell?
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    Les Kern

    I have an IX Micro PCI that does NOT work in OSX, and the company went under. Free to whomever wants it.
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    hmmm not very enticing..:)
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    Les Kern

    True for some. Under OS9 on my 6500 it worked beautifully. Still, it's sitting in my basement ready to go. If anyone wants it, email me your address. I'll send it, and trust you to retun the postage cost.
  16. TEG
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    There used to be an HDTV tuner for Mac, fits into a PCI slot, supports an HDTV Anntenna, HDTV devices, Standard TV Tuner, and Works with OSX. I remember seeing it in MacMall, I think it even had a firewire internal to connect to the internal firewire, so you could input video into iMovie or other FW programs. Try looking through Mac Magazines for such a device.

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    Standard Def TV (as opposed to High Def TV) will probably always look worse on your monitor than on a TV because, compared to a computer monitor, a TV has very low image quality so you will notice "defects" in the picture on yer monitor that you wouldn't notice on your TV.

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    this is true standard def is just 320x240 most monitors dont go that low anymore even at 640x480 it would be stretched. its like looking at a 1meg picture blown up to 11x14 you will notice all the imperfections although video cards help out alot they cant make a 320x240 quicktime look just as good at 1600x1200, that would be cool though.
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    Re: tv tuner

    What kind of G5 did you get?

    If you got a 1.6 Ghz model then you can use televio, if you have a 1.8 or a dual 2 Ghz G5 than you can't use it. This is becuase the Televio follows that 5 V. The G5 can only accept 3.3 V PCI-X (except the 1.6 Ghz). However televio e-mailed me saying that they were making a PCI-X version, no time table however.
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    i ordered a 1.6

    but i thought pci-x was backwards compatible with PCI.. its just a longer slot. but can still properly hold a short pci card

    if a pci-x card is inserted it just uses the extra conenctors. that it needs.

    i might be wrong.. but this is what i thought
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    I read the whole thread and this is useful for me to hear people's experiences. This is my first post to this forum so wish me luck...

    I have a question about watching TV full screen on a 23" Cinema display. I'm hearing people in this forum say that on a high resolution monitor the picture will be worse than on TV because of pixelation. But when I am watching a very low quality mpeg full screen on my 3.1 megapixel 21" Viewsonic using Windows Media Player (that's right I go both ways), it does antialiasing to make the pixels nice and fuzzy just like a TV, so the image quality is just as good. I cannot see individual pixels at all.

    I have to assume that the ATI Radion 9800 in my future G5 can antialias like Jerry Rice can catch a football. So my question is which of these TV devices enable antialiasing making it so that you can not see any pixels?

    I want to get something like the Formac, but for its price I certainly wouldn't accept visible pixelation. My goal is to throw away my TV (because it's old and the picture is shakey) and replace it with my Mac. Obviously I'm not willing to sit on my couch and watch TV in a small window after paying for the largest display I can afford!

    And does anybody know if the Formac is compatible with my G5 2Ghz? (It ships in 5-7 weeks.. the torture of waiting!)

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    Piping video from my Dish network, HDTV receiver

    Any one know about teh HDTV cards/devices for watching tv on the mac. I have a 23" cinema display.

    Also, I would think that with the disply labelled Cinema display apple has got to be coming out with something to allow people to pipe HDTV to this monitor?

    I have eye tv, it sucks, i am going to return it.

    Formac or televio may be better than eye tv but still may not be good enough...
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    Thanks for the input about Eye TV. I was thinking about getting one because it seemed like it was the only mainstream TV to Mac solution out there. But I have heard bad reviews from multiple people now.

    When HDTV becomes available in my area and I can find a card that lets me do HDTV on my 23" Cinema with a quality equivilant to Mac's DVD player, I will get one. I am hoping that this will happen before football season next year.

    Does anybody know if such a card is in the works or should I stop saving my money and spend it on snowboarding instead?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    what about the alchemy product? its related to tivo or something anyways i have been wanting tv on my mac. i think its a 120 bucks us.
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    It's transfers the video via Firewire, so you're all set.

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