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TwelveSouth Releases PlugBug World for International Charging

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Just over a year after TwelveSouth released its PlugBug Mac and iDevice charger, it has gone international. The new PlugBug World is the same as the original, but includes five swappable prong adapters for use in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and a number of other countries.

    The PlugBug World is available at TwelveSouth.com for $44.99 / £39.99 / 44,99 EUR.

    Article Link: TwelveSouth Releases PlugBug World for International Charging
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    I have to say I do like the solidity and design of our (British) 3 prong plug compared to others...even if it does stick out a bit
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    UK adaptor too BIG!

    Why in the world does the UK adapter need to be so BIG! The Apple one is a fraction of the size and does the exact same job.

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  4. jdogg836, Jan 23, 2013
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    Are you referring to the plugbug? It adds a usb to charge the ipad or other idevice simultaneously.
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    I don't get it. Why can't you just charge your idevice from your laptop's USB?
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    500mA vs. a full 1600mA?
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    Hmm... so it's red :rolleyes:

    I see no benefits above the Apple Travel Adapter Kit MB974ZM/A

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    I can't charge my iPad and Macbook both at full AC charging current using the Travel Kit. Can you?
  10. Mike Oxard, Jan 23, 2013
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    I don't think you can use the ipad and charge it at the same time from a laptop's USB port.

    Another option if you don't mind taking up a USB port is one of these :
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    It isn't that big anymore, they shrunk it down a few years back, but yeh it used to be ridiculous. It's a LOT thinner now, especially on the rMBP Magsafe 2 extension cord and airport express wall plugs (before it became apple tv like).
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    Personally I find our 3-pin plug a PITA. Aside from them always falling prongs up so you stand on them (probably the most painful thing you'll ever stand on) the earth pin is largely redundant nowadays as nearly everything is double-insulated so its only function is to open the gates on the line and neutral sockets.

    I like the European design where the earth connector, if required, is on the edge of the plug.

    As for PlugBug, it's a great idea but why can't you buy the individual plug separately? I don't reckon I'd ever need any more than the UK and EU ones so the other three would be a waste of money.
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    Do they sell this without the plugs at all. Surely you have your own plug bit from your power adaptor you want to add this too. Sure its white but its the same?
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    The question people should be asking is: Can you now plug a PlugBug into another PlugBug that is plugged into a power adapter? Or how about a chain of them?
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    I think some people do not understand this product:


    power for your MacBook + 10W USB using one power outlet...
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    Now comes the question.. For someone who purchased the original PlugBug, could they replace their unopened original box for this one, and pay the difference.

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    Gah, it's way too massive IMHO. Such a pain whenever I'm in london or singapore. :p

    The Euro plug is almost my preference, the US one would be except in some situations it has a super annoying tendency to fall out due to the weight of the charger - haven't had this happen with the euro one and it fits both ways. Win :)

    The Au one only goes one way.. and therefore you miss out on being able to plug in in certain spots.

    I got the original reason btw, not sure i'd use it but then I don't use an iPad. I get the use-case though :)
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    This is awesome. Going to save bringing 1 charger when traveling and one power point at home :)
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    That becomes a question of store return/exchange policy. If it is unopened, I do not see why you could not exchange it and pay the difference, why would the store not want a little bit more cash?
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    Good question..

    Also, interestingly enough, this may explain the disappearance of the PlugBug from most of the Apple retail Stores (at least the ones in my area: none were available at the stores in Sacramento, Roseville, or Reno). I wonder if they may just 'reappear' again...

    Anyone notice similar at your local Apple Store?

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    +1 purchase from me!

    Bought one for travelling in the US, always wondered why they didn't do one for the UK
  22. Nermal, Jan 23, 2013
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    Can you elaborate on this? We use the same one in NZ and while I understand "only goes in one way", I'm not sure what you mean about "certain spots".

    Edit: I just remembered that once I was at a hotel and couldn't plug in my charger because they'd put the power sockets right down by the floor (which happens to violate wiring guidelines that state a minimum of 300 mm from the floor).
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    I believe he means that two of the prongs are slanted, compared, to say, US plugs, which are straight. In the US, if you don't have the third prong (for the ground), you could flip your plug upside down, and still be able to plug in.

    When I was living in Australia, I couldn't do that. Try flipping your plug upside down, and plug into the socket in the wall. the prongs will be at right angles to the connectors in the socket.

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    Yes, I understand what "only goes in one way" means :rolleyes:

    I just mean that I'm hard-pressed to think of any reason (other than the poor design mentioned above) that you'd actually *want* to plug it in upside down.
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    That will be a feature on Apple and Intel's forthcoming ThunderBug adapter.

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