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Twitter Announces Built-In Photo Editing for iOS App

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Hot on the heels of Instagram's new update, Twitter officially announced the release of an update to its own iOS and Android apps, adding photo editing functionality and built-in filters.
    Twitter's photo editing capabilities include auto enhance, cropping and pinch to zoom, and an array of eight different filters.

    Filters include Vignette, Black and White, Warm, Cool, Vintage, Cinematic, Happy, and Gritty.

    Twitter and Instagram have become increasingly competitive when it comes to photo real estate, especially following the Facebook purchase of Instagram. Recently, Instagram officially shut off Twitter cards in an effort to direct Twitter users to its own website for viewing photos.

    The change disallows Instagram photos from expanding in Twitter feeds, and instead, pictures from Instagram now show up as links. Photos edited with the updated Twitter app, however, will show up directly in user feeds.

    Aviary, which is the photo editing SDK behind Twitter's new photo filters, is also used by Flickr, Yahoo, Box, Squarespace, and Walgreens.

    The updated Twitter for iOS is available on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter Announces Built-In Photo Editing for iOS App
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    Who uses twitter any more
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    like everyone? unless you use MySpace of course ... oh wait
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    Maybe in germany
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    No one. Everyone is on Google Plus. :rolleyes:
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    I actually use both...do I need to feel old and left behind now :confused:

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    Am I the only one who is still upset over the native twitter osx app?
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    Nice. Glad to see it.

    However, sorry to hear it "broke" Instagram feeds.
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    Its ON ;)

    Twitter | Instagram
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    Yes and no.

    Twitter blocking Instagram and launching their own photo filters? Yes.
    Quality of the Twitter photo filters? No. Not even close.
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    actually Germany isnt even in the top 10 of twitter users
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    Yes, move along. :)

    Twitter built-in "photo editing" huh? Just what we need, another set of instragram filters.
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    This is nice, but it doesn't bring much in the way of improvements to either the iPhone or iPad app.

    I've used both Twitter's app and Tweetbot extensively trying to decide between the two, and the functionality and smoothness that Tweetbot brings to both devices is no where near Twitter. This update isn't enough to bring me back to their native app.
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    It is true, I do much prefer Instagram's filters.
    But don't forget, Instagram blocked Twitter, not the other way around.
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    MySpace is back! MySpace is back! :rolleyes:
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    Yeah but no ones uses the twitter app
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    Maybe with the older crowd but most people I know are on Twitter
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    The twitter app crashes when trying to take a photo since the update. :(

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