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Twitter for Mac Updated With Retina Support and More

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Twitter has updated its OS X client, nearly two years since the last update. The new client gains support for the Retina display and fourteen more languages, as well as a new way to post photos.
    Twitter also claims that more improvements are coming to the OS X client in the future. It was reported last fall that Twitter had decided to discontinue its Mac client, but with this update and a tweet from Twitter engineer Ben Sandofsky saying he was working on Twitter for Mac full time, it appears that Twitter has decided to resume development of the app.

    The company recently announced that it was ending support for its TweetDeck for iPhone and Android apps in May.

    Twitter for Mac is a free download from the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter for Mac Updated With Retina Support and More
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    What happened to killing Twitter for Mac?
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    I thought they had stopped maintaining it?
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    This came out of nowhere. A couple of years ago they got all high and mighty about deprecating desktop clients.
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    What about notifications in the Notification Center?
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    It only took them almost a year... :p

    But I'm also echoing other surprises about this release. I would've been less surprised by it suddenly being cancelled. It's hard to decipher the internal Twitter politics...


    Hey hey... One feature a year. Let's not rush things!
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    //begin conspiracy theory

    In the same way you see promoted tweets in your iOS client, I'd imagine we'll soon see it in the desktop client. The impetus, imaginably, behind killing off the desktop client was that they wanted the ad revenue (etc.) from users visiting their web client. But now that they've proved promoted tweets are a viable source of income through a pseudo-test run in their mobile clients, we're starting to see active development.

    //end conspiracy theory
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    How long before they kill it like TweetDeck?
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    Less of a conspiracy theory, more of a certainty.
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    I didn´t remember that I have that app.
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    I like the hidden, alternate icon available in the Package Contents.


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    Doesn't even show retweets from other users. No conversation view, no syncing. I'll stick with tweetbot.
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    Nice to see it get some love. It's a great app.
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    It does have retweets and conversation view.
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    Took long enough!
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    Ok, sorry. Now the retweets show up. But where's the conversation view?
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    Birdcow! Love it!
  18. RMo
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    Don't get me wrong, I use the iOS app--but can someone tell me what's wrong with the website on a desktop? What I'd really like for either case is the ability to sync to the last-read position in my "feed" of tweets across any device or viewer.
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    Good news right here

    use the app alot so am really happy :cool:
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    Flash SWT

    They only killed TweetDeck for iOS, not for OS X. It has been their recommended desktop application for a while now.

    Support for multiple accounts is what's missing from using the website.
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    Yeah, I can't figure that out either.
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    They killed it for Air, iPhone, and Android. In addition to killing about 75% of the features when they first bought it. It use to be updated almost weekly and now we're lucky to see a small update every 6 months.
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    People still use the Twitter client? I'd rather pay for Tweetbot since they actually maintain it.
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    When I click on the icon there is a menu first and from there can I go see my feed. Am I the only one who finds this awkward? IMHO this is major change for the worse. I can't invoke my feed with a single click. Why would I always want to have the feed window open?
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    Well. He'll just froze over and a pig flew out! Never expected anything from the Twitter app anymore..

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