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Twitter to End Support for TweetDeck for iPhone on May 7

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 19, 2013.

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    As noted in March, Twitter is planning to end support for TweetDeck for iPhone, TweetDeck for Android, and TweetDeck AIR. In an update to its original blog post today, Twitter announced that the services will be shut off on May 7.
    Though it is ending support for the aforementioned services, Twitter will continue development on its TweetDeck web app and Google Chrome apps, with a secondary focus on its native Mac and PC apps.

    Twitter will also be dropping Facebook integration from the remaining versions of TweetDeck.

    TweetDeck for Mac, which is still supported, is a free download from the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter to End Support for TweetDeck for iPhone on May 7
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    Stopping support? They released the "new" version of the client and then haven't touched it in nearly 2 years...

    *Edit: Last update was 31st October 2011!!
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    That was one useful app. I wonder if someone else will fill the void?
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    they never update anyways
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    I suspect Tweetbot already fills it. :)
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    I have a client that was brainwashed by a colleague into thinking that they needed TweetDeck into order to use Twitter.

    I always saw TweetDeck as having a very strong userbase, but I guess the announcement that it's being discontinued leads me to believe that this assumption was wrong, at least on those devices.
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    oh no, whatever shall i do...
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    Not by a long shot.

    Tweetdeck has been used for awhile now by social media pros who had only a couple requirements: To manage feeds from at least Facebook and Twitter (which Tweetbot does not), and to be updated somewhat close to real time (which next to nobody does). The closest in functionality is that great crippleware Hootsuite, which takes forever just to put a blue dot next to a feed, indicating there are entries it's not showing you.
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    What's sad is that Twitter started cutting back on what second-party developers could do with their API.. meaning the market for twitter clients vastly shrunk.

    ..could this be the start of the end for professional Twitter users?
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    $20 though. I love Tweetbot for iOS but can't justify that kind of money when a fast web browser functions close to the same.
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    They still don't have any official API call to fetch responses for a particular tweet. This was requested 2010 already!! :mad:
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    Um actually yes it does. Well for me anyways. Simple to use, elegant, similar UI in the OS X and iOS clients etc etc. That's why I coughed up the rather expensive $20 I think it was for the OS X version. It's a good little twitter client.
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    What's going on at twitter @_@
    Their just cutting support left and right for everything
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    Thank god. Another piece of adobe crapware bites the dust. I guess Twitter just bought it out of fear that someone might use it as the basis for a competing network. It's always completely puzzled me why such crappy software was ever so popular. But then there's Windows: also popular, also crappy! I digress.
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    Reckon twitter will disappear in the not to distant future? They've got a very strong user base, but they seem to keep struggling to profit from it.
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    When Twitter withdraws support on Tweetbot, that's the day when Twitter will die.
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    ::yawn::, time to put that app in dropbox or something incase both your computer and phone crash at the same or similar times. I always do this for apps that are going to be removed whether by apple or the developer or for apps that will lose some sort of functionality because Apple later tells the developer to remove it in an update. (Bump the most recent victim with song sharing)
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    I felt the same way about the mac version. Until I came home from a bar one night, saw my laptop was still on and bought it. Now I can't use the crappy twitter web interface anymore. If you ever have some cash to spare, it's really really good
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    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure someone will, because it's the internet), but other than Tweetdeck AIR (which I'd never heard of until now), only the desktop version had anything to do with Adobe -- because it also used Adobe AIR -- but it hasn't done that since December 2011.
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    Lots of people either refused to upgrade after v 0.38.2 or uninstalled the Web or Chrome version and downgraded once they found out how many features they lost after the Twitter buyout.
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    twitter is the best service to waste your time posting information that most likely no one will ever read
    or care about....
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    Flash SWT

    Twitter's application decisions confuse me.

    iOS: "Twitter" is the main client which is updated regularly. "TweetDeck" is discontinued, hasn't been updated in forever.

    OS X: "TweetDeck" is the main client which is updated regularly. "Twitter" is discontinued, hasn't been updated in forever.

    I like the plain ol' Twitter app on my iPhone, works great. I actually preferred the "Twitter" program on OS X as well, was so much easier for me to manage multiple accounts. TweetDeck works, but not as well for my needs. I'm disappointed they discontinued the name brand client.
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    I happen to agree. It's very good. And being able to have two different twitter lists side by side is very nice. Something I enjoy about tweetbot. The price tag hurt but if you can afford it, it's worth it.
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    I've been using Twitteriffic exclusively for years now.
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    Tweetbot uses the streaming API in the timeline, so it IS real time. Not lists or searches though (if these were the basis for your comment).

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