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Twitter to Release Standalone 'Twitter Music' iOS App

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 13, 2013.

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    CNET is reporting that Twitter has acquired a music discovery service and plans to release a standalone music app. The company reportedly acquired We Are Hunted, "one of the world's leading music discovery services" according to the company's website. The site now says the service is "not available at the moment".
    Rumors of new music services have been popular recently, with Apple and Google are both reported to be working on new subscriptions services, though those efforts appear to be significantly different from Twitter Music.

    Article Link: Twitter to Release Standalone 'Twitter Music' iOS App
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    ill just stick with myspace for music :D
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    Who cares about music from Twitter
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    Uhh... I think I'll stick with Spotify.
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    A company that knows nothing about licensing or music and absolutely nothing about making software given the state of their apps, wants to make music software?

    Well this won't at all be a complete bloody disaster, I'm sure.
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    A standalone music app? From Twitter?

    Twitter, dude, you have got to be ****** kidding.
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    What are they doing?

    Twitter went from an open and simplistic platform to closed and over-complicated platform. Should have taken advice from Steve Jobs; "Not try to do everything. Do one thing well."
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    Hell, I'm gonna release a music app tomorrow
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    #Nothanks :D
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    I like where you're at here. I'd like to get in on the ground floor. I can contribute nothing, but since everyone else is doing it, I will need to brand my own music player before the craze passes.
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    Think of it this way. Now there's a whole new meaning for #failwhale.
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    "perch" — I see what they did there...
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    So Twitter is ditching the whole 140 character social network and moving to a 140 cent music network?
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    Errrrr Ping 2.0?
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    Might I be the only person excited by this!?

    Facebook never truly integrated a seamless music streaming experience for unsigned artists like MySpace created. Okay, there is Spotify - but unless you can get a publishing deal, or use a third party service to put it online for you it can be difficult.

    I'm not sure what twitter have planned, but with the amount of acts using twitter as group/band pages, this could be interesting. If they can seamlessly make a group/band profile allow music to be played to its users, they're on to a winner.
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    Prepare for "I'm listening to X by Y on TwitterMusic!" tweets flooding your timeline.
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    iTunes and Spotify have this marketing cornered. I just don't see this going well for Twitter.
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    I went to the @TwitterMusic feed. Found tweets like this. Meetings crazy enough to hold soda cans with your mouth in square crop photos.


    I cringed as I scrolled through the feed. :/

    Sure, there are many turns this could take, but at least that user near gave me a headache with completely random tweets about completely random bands... Who meticulously walk through it and actually listen to all that?
  19. CJK
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    throw stuff at the wall ...

    ... and see what generates revenue.

    Twitter management doesn't seem to have a clue what Twitter actually *IS*.
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    So yet another entity is trying to capitalize on the craze of making money serving advertising to "free" music listeners, while music creators don't get crap for compensation.

    I wish I had been laser focused on making music as a youngster because there was still potential to make money on music back then. Now music is just another commodity to throw around to attract advertising targets. Just like the photography and design market. Flooded with material and no value, nor any respect for content makers. Aaaannd just like the tech support business (no skill required, just so long as you buy certifications... and good luck getting a job anyway).

    What do people do for skilled work these days? Surgery?

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