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Two G5 Single cores = 1 dual core?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by newmacchick, Nov 9, 2008.

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    So if you possibly obtained two G5 1.6 GHz single cores, with some finagling, would it be at all possible to create a dual core out of that? Would it involve different hardware or software? Or is it just impossible?
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    A dual core computer operates with a single processor, only with two cores on the die instead of one. Taking two separate processors and putting them together gives you a dual processor machine, not a dual core machine. There are Dual 1.8GHz Processor G5s available, but the dual core G5s only use one physical processor.
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    'Ooh, nice use of "finagle."' - mysterious quote

    Dual core and dual processors appear to the system the same (loosely speaking). The performance aspect is very different.

    If you're speaking of somehow putting two physical processors (single core) into a single socket on a motherboard, well, I'll let logic sort this one out.

    I highly doubt this, but I'll mention it anyway, XGrid works if you're doing certain kinds of work with 2 more computers.
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    Ah OK. So is there any way to combine them at all and get something faster than I had before? (My google searches have been a bit fruitless on this issue; thanks for responding!)
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    Finagle is one of my favorite verbs :)
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    If your logic board only have one socket for processor, then it's physically impossible for you to fit two in there.
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    No. If you can afford it, wait for the new Mac Mini's. They should be in the order of 20-30x faster than whatever a 2x1.6 G5 is.
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    XGrid, but you'll need OS X Server...
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    The single 1.6 G5s only had one socket on the motherboard to attach to. The dual processor models had 2 sockets. There's no way to put 2 of the 1.6 G5 processors onto one socket to make it a dual-core machine. If you want dual-core, you'd have to buy the Dual-core 2.0ghz+ models. You can get a dual processor with dual core 2.5ghz model so that has 4 cores total in the 2 sockets.
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    Thanks for answering my questions...I really don't want to buy anything; I've got two G5 machines here, both missing hard drives, one of which the case is trash and missing the RAM, so I'll be selling that one. Just wondering if there was anything I could do with it...all I really need is a fancy external hard drive :) I already own a Macbook Pro for most of my needs.
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    They could be used as a really nice home audio/video server. That's what I plan on doing with mine soon.

    If you use an external HDD, make sure it's Firewire if you plan to boot from it.
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    Ooh, that is a good idea...I was planning on installing Linux on one of them at first just to play around with it, and then perhaps later putting 10.5 on it. But yeah I have a lot of music and TV I need stored :D
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    Get a fast switch (Myrinet, Infiniband, etc.) and learn to program in MPI or OpenMP. You should get close to 2x performance if your code is well-written.

    I get 1.92.



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