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    I have a pair of 18GB Seagate Cheetah hard drives (10,000 rpm, Ultra2Wide SCSI) that I am looking to sell. I also have an OrangeMicro FireWire/SCSI combo card (u2w SCSI inside and out, with three FireWire ports, two outside, one inside) that I will include (depending on how much I get offered).

    I am thinking about $350 for both drives as well as the card. $10 for UPS ground shipping, anything faster will be by the going rate (of shipping). Check or money orders only please, since I don't have any way to use credit cards, and I think it's silly to have to pay extra for a service like paypal.

    Email/contact me if you are interested in the items. Price is NOT set in stone, and I am willing to discuss it.
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    These hard drives are still for sale... Willing to entertain any reasonable offer... Come on people, someone has to have a system that these would be good in.
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    I would love them, but I'm about to buy a motorcycle.

    There goes my beer money.

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    Alright, what are you getting, and all that stuff... spill it.

    I want to sell the hard drives since I haven't used them in a while, and I don't even have a SCSI system any longer. I would need to use the $$ for near future technology purchases. Such as OS X 10.2, new iPod and the like. Selling the drives will help.

    Or maybe I will just use it to get a new set of handlebars for the Harley. Looking at a set of drag style bars... where the lines and such run through them. It would clean up the lines some. :D
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    Oh yea?

    I have an 18GB Seagate 10,000 RPM UltraWide SCSI drive. I think it could be for sale. Included, would be an ATTO Controller Card that came with my G4 500Mhz server.

    I would say 250 for both
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    Start your own thread for yours MacAztec, don't try to jack mine...
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    This thread has been hi-jacked by

    :eek: :eek: MacAztec:eek: :eek:
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    Don't make me go postal all over your aztec ass... :eek: :eek: :D :cool:
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    Ohhhhh no

    Dont get me started, big boy. I don't want to have to clean up your mess

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