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Two New iPhone 3GS Ads: 'Voice Control' and 'Copy and Paste'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Apple has released two new television commercials for the iPhone 3GS and posted them to its ad gallery.

    Voice Control: Demonstrates the new Voice Control feature available on the iPhone 3GS, showing both the calling and music voice functions.


    Copy and Paste: Demonstrates the copy and paste functions available on the iPhone 3GS and in iPhone OS 3.0 for other devices. The ad shows copy and pasting of phone numbers, formatted text and images from Web pages, and maps between applications.


    Article Link: Two New iPhone 3GS Ads: 'Voice Control' and 'Copy and Paste'
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    I hav always think while looking at the ads; gosh i wish my iPhone worked as advertise. My voice control makes me lough.
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    pretty lame they're advertising these like they're revolutionary.
    Or maybe it's just because everyone was complaining about these two things and they are trying to reverse that.
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    I think its both, good point.
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    Good lord, why don't they just advertise the numeric keypad.
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    Finally, I have "discovered" an excellent song without Apple's help. This song is Matt Costa's "Mr. Pitiful" and is a truly excellent song. I discovered it while inside a gas station, and I heard it playing on the radio! It was shortly after featured in Apple's iPod nano ad (the green iPod nano has the album art).
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    I really don't like the music. The old one was better...
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    Disagree -- such a good song! The old song was good too though.
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    Everyone has their own taste :p
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    If you've never heard the full song though, go YouTube it now and listen to at least 30 s!
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    I think they're just demonstrating how simple these features are to use.
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    With "voice control", I can see a lot of non-iPhone users saying "I've had that feature on my phone for years".

    Kinda embarrassing, but as somebody else has mentioned it was a feature missing that is now standard, maybe they are trying to make that known.
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    Which language are you using on your iPhone?
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    These commercials have been playing since Friday it Saturday. Not exactly breaking news. I've been watching them during Wimbledon on ESPN2 potentially all last week.
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    Good for you! :D
  17. mrr
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    Give me a friggin break! The original Mac128 had cut copy and paste in 1984!


    The original Palm Pilot back in 1996 had cut copy and paste!

    Voice dialing has been pretty standard stuff on cell phones since 2000!

    While the iphone has some very innovative interface controls, it has been very weak on features as compared to something like the Palm Treo.

    As a former Palm Treo user, I much prefer the iPhone style, but really lament all of the features that are only now (or as of YET to come to the iPhone) such as cut copy paste, bluetooth keyboards, video, global search, bluetooth stereo, bluetooth syncing, syncing to dos, laptop tethering, streamlined email reading between accounts, quick backups, list view and categories for applications, no limits on apps, removable battery, removable media, IR, turn by turn navigation, mms, and voice dialing - all of which were on the the Palm Treo - 5 years ago!
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    Those Apple ads on their site... Since I have Safari (now version 4) I am always getting a perfect sound but just this spinning radar display and NO video images. Never mind if "small", "large" -- it makes no difference. "This is the new iPhone!" -- radar?

    BTW it works fine with Firefox. A bit painful, Apple, isn't it?
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    I am surprised there is nothing yet on the sheer speed of the new phone.
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    Voice control and copy, cut & paste have been major detractors since 2007, and now they aren't detractors at all. As for the Palm Pre, one of my brothers said that he finally got everything synced after (18) days of tech support averaging about 2-4 hours a day and some days totaling 6 hours in a day. Another downside for the Palm Pre, he still can't sync all of his videos, tv shows, music and contacts.....:eek::eek::eek:
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    i got it as free download of the week, back in the day.

    and it was on the trailer for ghost town
  22. tax
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    copy a map ... o rly?

    the end of the "copy-paste" clip is kind of a fake. "you can copy a map" ???
    thats a simple "image" of a google-map shown there ...
    or did i miss sth, is there really a "copy" function hidden somewhere in the maps app? (don't even try to fiddle with maps.google.com inside mobile safari ...)

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    You're right, the ad shows copying a map that is a Google search result. There doesn't seem to be any way to copy from Maps.

    That ad isn't very good... I would have expected them to focus more on the intelligent copy in Safari. And the voice control ad should have focused more on how you can say things like "play more songs like this".
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    Wow, my phone did this back in 2002.
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    Yeah, the voice control features is/was a nice idea but its failure to connect to Bluetooth headsets (at least in 3.0) is a big failure in my opinion. Plus, I’ve noticed it works great for me at calls but is terrible at the other advertised features such as “play this artist” or “what’s playing.”

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